National Advertising Division Recommends Stihl Discontinue Unqualified “Made in America” Claims for Outdoor Power Equipment

New York, NY – February 22, 2024 – In a challenge brought by Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation, BBB National Programs’ National Advertising Division recommended that, in connection with its outdoor power equipment, Stihl Incorporated:

  • Discontinue its unqualified “Made in America” claims; and
  • Modify its “Made in America” claims to make clear that not all (or virtually all) of its products are made in the United States and that not all (or virtually all) of the parts of those products are from the United States.


The challenged claims, on Stihl’s website, social media, commercials, and print ads stated that its products are “Made in America.” The claim was made in connection with the brand generally in a variety of contexts (at times with power tools visible in the ad) along with images of the American flag. Stihl usually included a disclosure stating, “A majority of STIHL products sold in America are made in America of U.S. and global materials.”

NAD concluded that notwithstanding the disclosure, consumers would take away a broad, unqualified message that all or virtually all of its products – and all or virtually all of those products’ parts – are made in America.

Since there was no evidence in the record to support this broad unqualified message, NAD recommended that Stihl:

  • Discontinue its unqualified “Made in America” claims; and
  • Modify its “Made in America” claims to make clear that not all (or virtually all) of its products are made in the United States and that not all (or virtually all) of the parts of those products are from the United States.


NAD noted that nothing in its decision would prevent Stihl from making a properly qualified “Made in America” claim as to the specific products and/or parts that are actually made in America.

Further, NAD recommended that Stihl modify its advertising to avoid conveying the messages that:

  • Stihl’s product line meets the FTC’s requirements to be designated as “Made in America.”
  • All of Stihl’s products are made in America.
  • All of Stihl’s parts are made in America.
  • All products and their constituent parts in Stihl’s advertisements are made in America.
  • Stihl’s products are all or virtually all made in America.
  • Stihl’s parts are all or virtually all made in America.
  • Stihl’s products have no or negligible foreign content.
  • The parts in Stihl’s products have no or negligible foreign content.
  • Some companies cannot claim that their products are Made in America, but Stihl can.


In its advertiser statement, Stihl stated that it “agrees to comply with NAD’s recommendations” although it “believes that its advertising verbiage and methods have truthfully conveyed its qualified Made in USA claims.”

All BBB National Programs case decision summaries can be found in the case decision library. For the full text of NAD, NARB, and CARU decisions, subscribe to the online archive. This press release shall not be used for advertising or promotional purposes.

About BBB National Programs: BBB National Programs, a non-profit organization, is the home of U.S. independent industry self-regulation, currently operating more than a dozen globally recognized programs that have been helping enhance consumer trust in business for more than 50 years. These programs provide third-party accountability and dispute resolution services that address existing and emerging industry issues, create a fairer playing field for businesses, and a better experience for consumers. BBB National Programs continues to evolve its work and grow its impact by providing business guidance and fostering best practices in arenas such as advertising, child-and-teen-directed marketing, data privacy, dispute resolution, automobile warranty, technology, and emerging areas. To learn more, visit

About the National Advertising Division: The National Advertising Division of BBB National Programs provides independent self-regulation and dispute resolution services, guiding the truthfulness of advertising across the U.S. The National Advertising Division reviews national advertising in all media and its decisions set consistent standards for advertising truth and accuracy, delivering meaningful protection to consumers and leveling the playing field for business.

Jennie Rosenberg
Media Relations
BBB National Programs

Edvisors Releases Their Comprehensive 2024-2025 FAFSA® Guide as Students Navigate a Tough FAFSA Season

Las Vegas, NV – Edvisors, a leading source of expert information on college financial aid, announces the release of its 2024-2025 FAFSA Guide, providing crucial insights and updates to students, parents, and school counselors navigating what is one of the most challenging years for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) applicants.

The 2024-2025 FAFSA was released at the end of 2023, and this year the application looks different than the previous years due to changes implemented based on the FAFSA Simplification Act. Many changes are highly visible to students and families as they work through the application. Changes such as the retirement of the expected family contribution (EFC) and the introduction of a new index to aid calculations: the Student Aid Index (SAI). Edvisors’ guide and resources aim to demystify the complexities introduced by these changes, ensuring applicants can successfully complete the process.

“A perfect storm of regulatory updates and economic pressures has made this FAFSA season particularly daunting,” said Elaine Rubin, Director of Corporate Communications at Edvisors. “We understand that completing the FAFSA can feel overwhelming, especially with recent changes and delays that are impacting college decisions and financing. Our goal in releasing this comprehensive guide is to equip families with the knowledge and tools to navigate these changes successfully.”

The Edvisors 2024-2025 FAFSA Guide will highlight critical updates, including:

  • A breakdown of substantial changes due to the FAFSA Simplification Act.
  • An explanation of the SAI and its implications for applicants.
  • How to determine and identify FAFSA contributors within complex family dynamics.
  • Navigating the latest FAFSA news to ensure students and families know what to expect as far as processing and delays.


In addition to the written guide, Edvisors is also providing a video demo walkthrough, offering a step-by-step visual aid for those who want to preview the application before diving in. These resources are part of Edvisors’ continued commitment to ensure that high-quality, accessible financial aid information is available to everyone looking to invest in their educational future.

The Edvisors 2024-2025 FAFSA Guide is available now at

The Edvisors 2024-2025 FAFSA Walkthrough is available on Edvisors’ YouTube Channel

In addition, Edvisors invites students to check out the Student LIFE Blog to stay up to date on the latest FAFSA updates. 

About Edvisors: For 20 years we have been known as one of the largest and most trusted resources to help students find their path to success. Everyone needs to find their own path, and we know that first-hand. We work to provide information from both our professional and firsthand experiences, to help individuals through college and beyond. Every year, millions of students and their families turn to the, for timely, accurate information, advice and tools that help them confidently make the best decisions about paying for college. Founded in 1998, Edvisors is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. More information can be found at

Contact Information

Name: Elaine Rubin
Job Title: Director of Corporate Communications

New Survey Data from LexisNexis Points to Seismic Shifts in Law Firm Business Models and Corporate Legal Expectations Due to Generative AI

Nearly half of law firm leaders are exploring new lines of business or billable opportunities as a result of generative AI technology

NEW YORK, January 31, 2024LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today released results from a survey of senior leadership at top U.S. law firms and legal professionals at Fortune 1000 companies. The survey was conducted to better understand the business impact of generative AI technology on the legal industry and how it is redefining itself.

Rapid Uptake and Generative AI Investments

Nearly all the legal executives surveyed expect their investment in generative AI technologies to increase over the next five years (90%). The survey found that 53% of Am Law 200 firms have purchased generative AI tools and 45% are using them for legal work. 43% of Am Law 200 leaders indicated their firm has a dedicated budget to invest in the growth opportunities presented by generative AI in 2024.

Reshaping the Law Firm Business Model

Generative AI is presenting opportunities for law firms to create value for their corporate legal clients through new lines of business and strategic services. 70% believe these solutions will enable new value-added work product for clients, with about a third (30%) expecting these solutions to result in a direct impact on firm revenue. Nearly half of law firm leaders are currently exploring new lines of business or billable opportunities made possible by generative AI technologies (47%). Regarding the bottom line, nearly half (47%) expect to achieve a reduction in costs from the use of generative AI solutions.

More Fortune 1000 executives expect generative AI to produce value for their organizations, with three-quarters (76%) expecting cost savings for their legal departments and 72% expecting the technology to increase the ability to complete more work in-house.

“Generative AI has tremendous potential to transform law firms’ business models and create new forms of value for their clients,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO of LexisNexis North America, UK, and Ireland. “We are working closely with customers to integrate our leading generative AI tools into their workflows to drive unprecedented efficiencies and quality for both law firms and corporate legal departments.”

Gap in AI Expectations

Fortune 1000 in-house counsel have higher expectations regarding the use of generative AI in law firms than Am Law executives.

The biggest gap exists around expectations for changes in billing. The majority of Fortune 1000 executives expect to see a reduction in billing from outside counsel due to efficiencies created by generative AI (80%). However, corporate clients have not communicated those reduced billing expectations to law firms. While 43% of law firms agreed with the statement that generative AI will reduce billable hours, only 9% of large law firm leaders indicated their corporate clients have told them they expect their firm bills to be reduced as a result of generative AI, and few firms (11%) are changing or planning to change their billing practices.

While two-thirds of in-house counsel approve of law firms using generative AI in legal matters, only a third of law firm leaders believe their corporate clients approve of this use.

The smallest gap in expectations is seen regarding the use of generative AI and other cutting-edge technology at law firms, as a majority of both groups believe corporate clients expect this from their outside counsel.

Hiring Trends

Both large law firm and corporate respondents believe generative AI technology will impact hiring, with 27% anticipating increased hiring of technologists in 2024, led by 38% of Am Law 200 leaders expecting to increase hiring of technologists, such as data scientists, to support generative AI initiatives at their firms this year. Significantly fewer respondents in non-Am Law firms with 50+ attorneys anticipate hiring additional technologists in 2024 (14%).

The survey reveals a clear divide between Am Law 200 and next tier law firms in their plans to hire more technologists to support generative AI initiatives. While nearly 40% of the largest firms (Am Law 200 leaders) expect to increase hiring in this area in 2024, only 14% of non-Am Law firms plan to do so. This suggests that the largest firms are more aggressively investing in generative AI technology and the talent needed to implement it effectively. The gap indicates that smaller firms may risk falling behind on generative AI adoption without a similar focus on hiring technical experts, even though all respondents agree this technology will have a positive impact overall.

While a majority of law firm respondents believe generative AI will impact the apprenticeship model of large law firms (58%), only a small number of legal leaders expect a reduction in legal roles over the next five years, although one in five Am Law 200 executives predict a reduction in the need for associates.

Legal Analytics and Generative AI

Lex Machina’s recently completed 2024 Legal Analytics Survey found similar results, where 68% of legal professionals using legal analytics in their practice expressed the most excitement and preparedness for generative AI. Twice as many legal analytics users were excited for generative AI compared to non-users (65% to 31%). Additionally, twice as many legal analytics users felt prepared for generative AI compared to non-users (57% to 24%). The survey results indicate that not only is generative AI at the forefront of the minds of the majority of legal analytics users, but also that there’s a positive correlation between the adoption of legal analytics and the readiness to incorporate generative AI in legal practice.


LexisNexis Legal & Professional conducted the survey across 266 managing partners and C-suite leaders at Am Law 500 firms, as well as legal professionals in Fortune 1000 companies between December 6, 2023 and January 9, 2024. Findings include responses from 114 executives across 68 Am Law 200 firms, 102 executives across 79 non-Am Law 200 firms with 50 or more attorneys, and 50 executives across 44 Fortune 1000 companies. Surveys were conducted in English via the Forsta survey platform.

For more information on leading legal AI tools from LexisNexis and to download a copy of the survey results, visit

About LexisNexis Legal & Professional
LexisNexis® Legal & Professional provides legal, regulatory, and business information and analytics that help customers increase their productivity, improve decision-making, achieve better outcomes, and advance the rule of law around the world. As a digital pioneer, the company was the first to bring legal and business information online with its Lexis® and Nexis® services. LexisNexis Legal & Professional, which serves customers in more than 150 countries with 11,300 employees worldwide, is part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers.

Media Contact
Dana Greenstein
Director of Communications, North America & UK
LexisNexis Legal & Professional

iCrowdNewswire Announces Next-Generation Products in AI Press Release Distribution at Hong Kong Press Release Industry and Partner Summit

Miami, Florida – December 4, 2023. iCrowdNewswire, press release industry leading innovators, announced their next-generation plans for state-of-the-art AI powered press release distribution at the November 23rd Hong Kong Summit. The Summit host shared next level planned implementations around visibility and engagement to move press release capabilities from guaranteed distribution to guaranteed engagement, highlighting their industry exclusive demand generation features.

Hector Botero, CEO and Founder of iCrowdNewswire, enthusiastically stated, “The press release distribution market is ripe for breakthrough innovations, marking the latest frontier in leveraging the unparalleled power of AI. With our next-generation plans unveiled at the Hong Kong Summit, we are committed to transforming the industry by moving beyond guaranteed distribution to guaranteed engagement.”

Mr. Botero emphasized the significance of embracing new AI technologies, acknowledging the industry’s evolving landscape. He added, “We believe in challenging the status quo and maximizing visibility and engagement for our industry. The future of press release distribution is intelligent, data-driven, and highly targeted.”

According to iCrowdNewswire COO Sonia LaFountain, “Our state-of-the-art implementations uniquely merge corporate communications and digital marketing. The result of our methodology is unrivaled; precision demand generation tooling with guaranteed ROI enhanced reporting, accurate and actionable visibility and engagement for PR and Marketing professionals with guaranteed outcomes that meet their specific goals. We’re talking real data directly from engagement platforms that learn and adapt placement based on audience behavior.”

iCrowdNewswire shared the spotlight of the inaugural event with co-host Media Outreach (Asia) and an impressive lineup of press release distribution leaders including Medianet (Asia-Pacific), PA Media (UK) and Nexis Newswire (Global). Partners provided important insights on distribution features that resonate for customers in their regions as well as challenges to address the need for a modern experience. Amrita Sidhu, Managing Director of Medianet championed iCrowdNewswire’s efforts to adopt new AI technologies, commenting, “The six most dangerous words in business: We have always done it this way,” reminding the audience that we have an opportunity to maximize visibility and engagement for our industry.

iCrowdNewswire’s Q1 2024 launch of the new product lineup will feature tooling from Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and other high performance social platform’s leveraging AI demand generation capabilities to precision target audiences based on audience behaviors and predictive engagement. These capabilities pinpoint audiences with high propensity to view and engage with your release based on target audience specifications including demographics, geographics, industries and interests.

The full recap of the Hong Kong Press Release Industry and Partner Summit, can be viewed at the link: iCrowdNewswire – Hong Kong Press Release Industry Summit – AI Powered Press Release Distribution November 2023

About iCrowdNewswire

In 2018 iCrowdNewswire began working with Google to adapt the world’s leading advertising, translation, voice, and analytics technologies for press release distribution resulting in a process that offers press release issuers with an ultra-user-friendly interface to choose from millions of websites worldwide. Issuers can refine targeting by further choosing specific sections within websites, choose countries, states and zip or postal codes. Demographic targeting includes age groups, interests and industry, and recent research with media indicates that promoting releases prominently on media websites is by far the most efficient way to reach media. iCrowdNewswire’s technology also drives the LexisNexis press release service Nexis Newswire and ALM’s Legal Newswire powered by