Tailored Plan Implementation Delayed Until April 1, 2023

GASTONIA, N.C., SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 – The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) will delay the implementation of the NC Medicaid Managed Care Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Tailored Plans (Tailored Plans) until April 1, 2023. The decision is unanimously supported by the leadership of the state’s six Local Management Entity/Managed Care Organizations (LME/MCOs).

Tailored Plans, originally scheduled to launch Dec. 1, 2022, will provide specialized services for individuals with significant behavioral health conditions, intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DDs), and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), as well as physical health and pharmacy services.

Partners members who will be eligible for the Tailored Plan will continue to receive their behavioral health services and I/DD and TBI supports through Partners and their physical health and pharmacy services through NC Medicaid Direct, just as they do today.

The delayed start of Tailored Plans allows LME/MCOs, which will operate the Tailored Plans, more time to contract to expand their provider networks to support member choice and to validate that data systems are working appropriately.

While the start of Tailored Plans will be delayed, specific new servaices will still go live Dec. 1. NCDHHS and LME/MCOs will support providers of Tailored Care Management to launch their services on Dec. 1. Through Tailored Care Management, members will have a single designated care manager supported by a multidisciplinary team to provide integrated care management that addresses the member’s whole-person health needs.

In addition, pending approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), NCDHHS will implement the 1915(i) option on Dec. 1. This program provides services to help members remain in their homes and community-based settings through services such as Respite, Individual and Transitional Supports, Community Living and Supports, Community Transition and Supported Employment.

More information regarding the beneficiary choice period and other key dates leading up to the April 1, 2023, launch will be shared by NCDHHS in the coming weeks.

For more information about Tailored Plans please visit Partners’ website.



Partners Health Management is a leading local managed care organization (LME/MCO), providing access to care for central and western North Carolina’s most vulnerable citizens. Partners manages all Medicaid, state and local funding for intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental health and substance use disorder (IDD/MH/SUD) services in our covered areas.

We are recognized across North Carolina for our Partners Community Model and unwavering commitment to the counties and the families we serve. Through our steadfast community focus and longstanding partnerships with local stakeholders, agencies and elected officials, our members receive the care and support they need.

Contact Information

Name: Rachel Porter
Email: rporter@partnersbhm.org
Job Title: Chief Administrative Officer
Mobile: 980-293-3978

Chicago Tech Company annonce le lancement d’une application d’automatisation des importations de produits alimentaires

Chicago, Illinois: RudiCoder LLC, une entreprise de logistique de commerce en ligne située dans le centre-ville de Chicago, est fière d’annoncer le lancement de PriorNotify, une application de commerce en ligne qui automatise le processus réglementaire pour la vente et l’expédition à l’international d’aliments et de boissons pour les clients situés aux États-Unis.

« PriorNotify change la donne » a déclaré Holly Urban, PDG et co-fondatrice de RudiCoder. « Si vous vendez ou expédiez des produits alimentaires et des boissons qui ne proviennent pas des États-Unis à des clients sur le sol nord-américain, vous savez à quel point le processus réglementaire des États-Unis peut être long et difficile. Avec notre application PriorNotify, le processus peut être terminé en quelques secondes », a ensuite indiqué Urban.

PriorNotify est conçu pour les producteurs d’aliments et de boissons, ainsi que pour les commerçants, les distributeurs, les fournisseurs de livraison directe et les services de gestion de commandes et d’expédition. Les entreprises internationales peuvent désormais facilement vendre et expédier des produits comestibles aux commerçants, distributeurs et consommateurs nord-américains.

PriorNotify propose des intégrations parfaites avec Shopify, WordPress (WooCommerce), Magento, PrestaShop et WiX pour clôturer automatiquement le processus réglementaire dès qu’un produit est acheté.

En plus, l’application fonctionne facilement avec n’importe quel système de gestion des commandes, ainsi qu’avec les commerces en ligne comme Amazon. Même sans intégration directe, les informations sur les commandes des clients peuvent être facilement transmises en ligne, ce qui permet aux vendeurs qui reçoivent beaucoup de commandes de les gérer rapidement et efficacement.

PriorNotify est conçu pour le commerce en ligne et permet aux producteurs internationaux, aux sociétés d’expédition et de routage, aux fournisseurs de livraison directe et à d’autres marchands de travailler facilement les uns avec les autres.

Par exemple, les producteurs d’aliments ou de boissons peuvent automatiquement terminer le processus réglementaire dès que les produits sont achetés auprès d’entreprises qui vendent leurs produits. De la même manière, PriorNotify permet aux fournisseurs de livraisons directes d’informer automatiquement leurs producteurs de chaque commande et de terminer automatiquement le processus réglementaire pour chaque commande, dès que les produits sont achetés. PriorNotify permet également aux sociétés d’expédition et de routage de terminer automatiquement le processus réglementaire dès que les produits sont achetés auprès de leurs clients.

PriorNotify permet aussi aux utilisateurs de créer facilement des factures commerciales. De plus, toutes les pages de l’application PriorNotify peuvent être traduites automatiquement dans de nombreuses langues.

« PriorNotify permet aux entreprises d’augmenter sans effort leurs offres de produits, de développer leurs ventes et leur clientèle aux États-Unis et de réduire considérablement leurs frais généraux liés au processus », a ajouté Holly Urban.

Les prix sont compétitifs avec des remises allant jusque 0,10 $ par préavis. Il n’y a pas de frais d’installation, pas de frais mensuels minimum, pas de frais par utilisateur et pas de frais supplémentaires pour les assortiments de produits prédéfinis. Il est également possible d’essayer gratuitement PriorNotify.

RudiCoder LLC est une société d’automatisation du commerce en ligne, axée sur les produits alimentaires et les boissons, située dans le centre-ville de Chicago dans l’Illinois, aux États-Unis. Pour en savoir plus sur RudiCoder, veuillez vous rendre sur: RudiCoder.com et pour PriorNotify: PriorNotify.com.

Contact Information

Name: Holly Urban
Email: hurban@incubatorllc.com
Job Title: CEO

NAD Finds Certain Claims Comparing Comcast Xfinity Internet Speed to AT&T Supported; Recommends Others be Modified or Discontinued

New York, NY – September 28, 2022 The National Advertising Division (NAD) of BBB National Programs determined that Comcast Cable Communications, LLC provided a reasonable basis for the claims:

  • “Fastest Internet, with up to 3 Gbps (3,000 Mbps) download and upload speed with the [Xfinity] Gigabit Pro Plan,” which AT&T does not have; and
  • That Xfinity’s top WiFi speeds are faster than AT&T’s top WiFi speeds.

However, NAD recommended that Comcast:

  • Modify the “Everyone Likes to Go Fast” radio commercial to clearly state that the basis of comparison is between Xfinity’s 3-gig tier and AT&T’s 1-gig tier.
  • Discontinue the claims that “Xfinity has a faster gig speed tier than AT&T” and “Compared to gig speed from Xfinity your AT&T Internet is . . . slower” or modify them to make it clear that Xfinity has faster download speeds for its 1-gig tier than AT&T.


In this case, AT&T Services challenged comparative internet and WiFi claims made by Comcast for its gig speed tier, which offers download speeds of 1200 Mbps and upload speeds of 35 Mbps, and Gigabit Pro tier or 3-gig speed tier, which provides symmetrical download and upload speeds of 3 Gbps.


3 Times Faster Internet Claims

At issue for NAD was whether Comcast could advertise its fastest internet speeds through claims that Xfinity’s 3-gig speed tier is three times faster than AT&T’s 1-gig speed tier, even though AT&T introduced its 5-gig tier service in January 2022.

NAD assessed whether AT&T’s 5-gig service has sufficient market penetration to be a meaningful competitive product. When determining whether a new product or service is sufficiently available to compete with a broadly available service, NAD has noted that raw numbers may provide some evidence of market penetration, but raw numbers in isolation do not provide the context to determine whether a meaningful percentage of consumers have access to the product or service.

NAD determined that Comcast provided a reasonable basis to support its claim that Xfinity’s 3-gig speed tier is three times faster than AT&T’s 1-gig speed tier and that AT&T did not provide evidence that its 5-gig service is widely available to customers. Therefore, NAD concluded that AT&T’s 5-gig service does not invalidate Xfinity’s three times faster internet than AT&T claims.

AT&T also challenged whether Xfinity’s 3-gig service is an appropriate basis of comparison for the faster internet claims because it is costly, requires professional installation, and is not utilized by many Comcast customers. NAD determined that Xfinity’s 3-gig internet service tier is an appropriate basis for comparison because Comcast established that 98% of its customer base can access this tier of service.

NAD then looked at whether the basis of comparison was properly identified in Comcast’s radio commercial called “Everyone Likes to Go Fast” and Comcast’s website chart. NAD found that Comcast’s:

  • Radio commercial did not accurately identify this basis of comparison and recommended that Comcast modify it to clearly state that the basis of comparison is between Xfinity’s 3-gig tier and AT&T’s 1-gig tier.
  • Website claim “Fastest Internet, with up to 3 Gbps (3,000 Mbps) download and upload speed with the [Xfinity] Gigabit Pro Plan” with a green check mark under the Xfinity column and a red X-mark under the AT&T column was supported and sufficiently identified the basis of comparison to avoid consumer confusion.

Faster Gig Speed Claims

NAD considered whether Comcast’s unqualified faster speed claim conveys a message of faster download speeds alone. Prior NAD and BBB National Programs National Advertising Review Board (NARB) determinations have concluded that general internet speed claims, unless qualified, convey a message about download and upload speeds.

NAD determined that Comcast’s claims that “Xfinity has a faster gig speed tier than AT&T” and “Compared to gig speed from Xfinity your AT&T Internet is… slower” convey a message that Xfinity’s gig speed has faster download and upload speed than AT&T’s gig speed, which is not supported by the record. Therefore, NAD recommended that both claims either be discontinued or modified to make it clear that Xfinity has faster download speeds for its 1-gig tier than AT&T.

Faster WiFi Speed Claims

NAD determined that Comcast’s intertwining of parity and superiority speed claims in the challenged radio commercial reasonably conveys a superiority message that Xfinity’s WiFi speeds are faster than AT&T’s.

NAD found that although both parties offer WiFi 6, Comcast Xfinity offers faster provisioned speeds of 3 Gbps with its 3-gig tier of service and 1.2 Gbps with its gig tier of service compared to AT&T’s fastest widely available offering of 1 Gbps with its gig service tier. Absent any rebuttal evidence from AT&T demonstrating that Xfinity WiFi 6 routers cannot support the faster speed tiers offered by Xfinity, NAD concluded Comcast provided a reasonable basis to support the claim that Xfinity’s top WiFi speeds are faster than AT&T’s top WiFi speeds.

In its advertiser statement, Comcast stated that it “agrees to comply with NAD’s decision and will make the minor modifications recommended by NAD.”

All BBB National Programs case decision summaries can be found in the case decision library. For the full text of NAD, NARB, and CARU decisions, subscribe to the online archive.

About BBB National Programs:
 BBB National Programs is where businesses turn to enhance consumer trust and consumers are heard. The non-profit organization creates a fairer playing field for businesses and a better experience for consumers through the development and delivery of effective third-party accountability and dispute resolution programs. Embracing its role as an independent organization since the restructuring of the Council of Better Business Bureaus in June 2019, BBB National Programs today oversees more than a dozen leading national industry self-regulation programs, and continues to evolve its work and grow its impact by providing business guidance and fostering best practices in arenas such as advertising, child-directed marketing, and privacy. To learn more, visit bbbprograms.org.

About the National Advertising Division: The National Advertising Division (NAD) of BBB National Programs provides independent self-regulation and dispute resolution services, guiding the truthfulness of advertising across the U.S. NAD reviews national advertising in all media and its decisions set consistent standards for advertising truth and accuracy, delivering meaningful protection to consumers and leveling the playing field for business.

Contact Information

Name: Abby Hills
Email: press@bbbnp.org
Job Title: Director of Communications

LexisNexis Widens Lead as Top Research Platform Among Next-Generation Lawyers

Independent Research by Ipsos Shows Lexis+ Outperforms Competitors Across a Broad Range of Legal Research Technologies and Features, and Sets Law Students Up for Greater Success


New York, NY – LexisNexis Legal & Professional®, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today released results from an independent study of 2,030 U.S. law students demonstrating that LexisNexis remains the most preferred legal research platform in the market. The research is a follow-up to a similar independent study conducted in 2019 by PwC to better understand future lawyers’ attitudes, behaviors, and key drivers of user preference in relation to legal research.


According to the 2022 study, Lexis+, the flagship online legal research platform from LexisNexis, was preferred by 49% more law students than Westlaw Edge, its nearest competitor, expanding its lead from 2019, when 9% more law students preferred Lexis Advance (the company’s flagship legal research platform at the time). Corroborating these findings, LexisNexis received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) 136% higher than Westlaw Edge.

The Ipsos study also confirmed that Lexis+ edges out the competition in key areas that are most relevant to law students, and drive preference, including:


  • Better design and interface (preferred by 35% more students)
  • More positive impact on society (preferred by 24% more students)
  • Better case citation service (preferred by 12% more students)
  • Easier to use (preferred by 11% more students)


“Law firms looking to attract the brightest talent from among a generation of digitally-native lawyers need to embrace technologies that promote greater efficiency and interactivity, present data and information more visually, and create a more flexible environment that supports the way these future lawyers prefer to work,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO, LexisNexis North America, UK & Ireland. “The results from the Ipsos survey confirm that the technological and design enhancements we’ve made to our flagship Lexis+ legal research solution resonate well with law students, who represent the future of the profession.”


According to the survey, law students strongly endorsed Lexis+’s technological enhancements, underlining its lead against the competition. Specifically, versus its nearest competitor:


  • Data Visualization: 50% more law students rated the data visualization tools in Lexis+ as excellent
  • Brief Analysis: 41% more law students rated the brief analysis tools in Lexis+ as excellent
  • Legal Analytics: 26% more law students rated the legal analytics in Lexis+ as excellent


While technology is clearly important to law students, effectively training them on these cutting-edge solutions helps prepare them for their future careers, and once again, LexisNexis demonstrates its strength by being the market leader in this area. As compared to its nearest competitor:


  • More Effective Training: 73% more law students say that LexisNexis account representatives provide more effective training
  • Better On-Demand Training Options: 64% more law students confirmed that the self-paced, on-demand training options from LexisNexis were excellent
  • Better Overall Preparation: 37% more law students say that LexisNexis’ training better prepares them for success


“The preferences voiced by today’s tech-savvy law students set the stage for the law firm of tomorrow – and the expectations of the firm’s future associates and clients. The most successful firms will be the ones that are able to attract and retain these young lawyers, whose mastery of cutting-edge technologies will enable them to contribute to their firms’ success more quickly,” said Omry Bigger, SVP, Large Markets at LexisNexis.


Research Methodology

LexisNexis Legal & Professional commissioned Ipsos, a global market research and public opinion analyst firm, to undertake data collection and aggregate results for this study. Sample was provided by LexisNexis, drawing from its database of registered IDs containing all US law students. Approximately 40,000 U.S. law students were invited to participate in the online survey, which ran between December 14 – 27, 2021, and which generated 2,030 responses with a 3-point margin of error. These students were selected from a sampling of 107 ABA-accredited law schools and were balanced by school tier and class to reflect the distribution of the overall population of law students.


About LexisNexis Legal & Professional

LexisNexis Legal & Professional®provides legal, regulatory, and business information and analytics that help customers increase their productivity, improve decision-making, achieve better outcomes, and advance the rule of law around the world. As a digital pioneer, the company was the first to bring legal and business information online with its Lexis®and Nexis®services. LexisNexis Legal & Professional, which serves customers in more than 150 countries with 10,500 employees worldwide, is part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers.


Media Contacts

Dana Greenstein
Director, Corporate Communications
LexisNexis Legal & Professional


Eric Sokolsky
Plat4orm PR

BEEAH Group and Green Planet join forces in landmark 10-year contract to advance sustainable waste management in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh

Driving Egypt’s sustainability agenda in the key area of waste management, BEEAH Group, the Middle East’s sustainability pioneer, and Green Planet, Egypt’s emerging environmental services company, have formed a partnership to deliver a landmark ten-year contract in Sharm el-Sheikh. The development comes ahead of Cop27, which will be held in the city between November 6 and 18, 2022. In the presence of His Excellency Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister of Egypt, Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH Group, and Dr. Mohamed Asaad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Green Planet, signed the contract with the Governorate of South Sinai. The contract was formalised by Their Excellencies Dr. Mohamed Maait, Egypt’s Minister of Finance, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Egypt’s Minister of Environment, Major General Hisham Amna, Egypt’s Minister of Local Development, and Major General Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai in Egypt. Delegations from the UAE Embassy in Cairo, Sharjah Municipality, and BEEAH Group were also present on the occasion.


In preparation for Cop27 and over the next decade, BEEAH Group and Green Planet will implement future-ready waste management strategies that align with Egypt’s sustainability agenda, such as deploying world-class waste management infrastructure, streamlined waste collection solutions and recycling services. Bringing together a network of RFID-tagged bins, a GPS-enabled fleet and a skilled workforce, BEEAH Group and Green Planet aim to set a new standard for operational efficiency while meeting waste management demand. The contract will be served across the city, including in and around the Sharm el-Sheikh International Convention Centre, where Cop27 is to be held, and tourist hotspots in desert and beach areas.


Commenting on the development, Al Huraimel said: “Alongside Green Planet, BEEAH is pleased to serve the city of Sharm el-Sheikh. Through our solutions and services, we aim to keep the city clean, preserve the environment and pioneer a sustainable quality of life for residents and visitors. With Cop27 approaching, it is the ideal time to support Egypt as it solidifies its initiatives under the Vision 2030 agenda. Today, we will begin by deploying world-class infrastructure and services to streamline waste management. Over the next decade, in partnership with Green Planet, our goal is to scale up services, build on zero-waste to landfill strategies, and help shape Sharm El-Sheikh into a sustainable, smart city of the future.”


BEEAH and Green Planet will also carry out on-ground activities to foster a culture of recycling and proper waste disposal among communities, which will also drive utilisation of the waste management services and infrastructure that will be provided to Sharm El-Sheikh.


Dr. Mohamed Asaad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Green Planet, said: “We are optimistic about the future and look forward to working with the South Sinai Governorate and environmental affairs institutions to enhance waste management infrastructure in Sharm El Sheikh, which will help maintain its position as a leading tourist destination.


In collaboration with BEEAH Group, we will also launch an awareness campaign that aims to educate the city’s residents about the importance of preserving marine and desert environments, as well as natural resources. The climate crisis has made it clear that we must unite efforts on a global scale, with each one of us having a role to play in mitigating the negative effects. Through ongoing collaboration between government, environmental institutions, and society, we believe we can drive real impact in securing a sustainable future for all.”


Recycling of used cooking oil is one of the specialised waste collection services that BEEAH Group and Green Planet will offer. This will help minimise the burden on public plumbing infrastructure that arises from used cooking oil disposal through pipes and drains, while also enabling the production of alternative green fuels. As per the contract, BEEAH Group and Green Planet will deploy used cooking oil deposit machines in strategic locations throughout the city. Then, thousands of special used cooking oil collection bottles will be distributed among residents. Once a bottle is full, individuals can deposit it into the used cooking oil machine. As soon as a deposit is made, the machine will dispense an empty collection bottle, encouraging users to continue collecting and recycling used cooking oil.


The contract with Sharm el-Sheikh is the BEEAH Group’s second in Egypt. In 2020, BEEAH Group signed the Middle East’s largest waste management contract with the New Administrative Capital, one of the largest urban development projects in the world, which targets an ambitious landfill waste diversion rate of 80%. The new contract adds to BEEAH Group’s efforts to consolidate its position in Egypt and across the region, following its success in the UAE as a sustainability pioneer.


Driven by Egypt’s Vision 2030 and Vision 2050, Green Planet was founded specifically to develop the solid waste treatment business in Greater Cairo and pursue innovations in waste processing and production of low-emission alternative fuels. Currently, it is exploring innovations in processing municipal solid waste and hazardous waste such as electronic waste.

Contact Information

Name: Mohamed Salim Allawi
Email: mallawy@beeahgroup.com
Job Title: Media Relations Specialist

Buyer Aware Release

Consumer Reports President and CEO Marta L. Tellado Publishes Buyer Aware, a Playbook for Consumer Power


YONKERS, NY – Buyer Aware: Harnessing Our Consumer Power for a Safe, Fair, and Transparent Marketplace (PublicAffairs; September 20, 2022), the first book from Consumer Reports President and CEO Marta L. Tellado, launches in bookstores nationwide today. All proceeds from the book will support Consumer Reports’ nonprofit mission to empower consumers everywhere.

Drawing from Consumer Reports’ 86 years of trusted expertise researching, testing and advocating on behalf of consumers, Buyer Aware reveals what is truly happening in our increasingly complex marketplace and illustrates how people can protect themselves from predatory business practices and grow their power to become the force behind change, both personal and systemic.

Marta L. Tellado, president and CEO of Consumer Reports, said, “I’m so excited to share a playbook for growing our consumer power. Buyer Aware tells a story about our democracy—that it can only flourish if we have a marketplace that puts people at the center. We deserve an economy where the rules are fair, the incentives are positive, and leaders are held accountable. Buyer Aware is a roadmap that shows how we get there together.”

Craig Newmark, the founder of craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies, and a former CR board member, shared advance praise for the book, writing, “In Buyer Aware, Marta Tellado alerts us to the harms of technology without conscience and a digital world without guardrails. Thankfully she also highlights steps towards a future where the promise of tech aligns with its ethical use.”

Buyer Aware equips readers with the facts and unmasks Big Tech’s manipulations, shady lenders’ greed, the discrimination of AI and algorithms, manufacturers who peddle dangerous products, and the ways that government too often takes the side of corporations over consumers. In it, Tellado also weaves in her personal history—from coming to this country from Cuba as a child to the life-changing experience of being a first-generation college graduate to working for Senator Bill Bradley from her home state of New Jersey and, now, leading Consumer Reports.

You can learn more about the book and order a copy of Buyer Aware here, or explore action opportunities inspired by the themes of the book here.


Additional praise for Buyer Aware:

“The first responsibility of government is to protect its citizens, including from unsafe products and unscrupulous business practices. Marta’s book shows how empowering consumers to become advocates is critical to prompting policymakers to pass reforms we need. Her guidance helps people protect themselves today and provides a roadmap to spur change for tomorrow.”— U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar


“In a time when the harvesting of our intimate data fuels surveillance and precision manipulation is business as usual, Buyer Aware serves as a beacon for the potential and success of consumer power.”— Dr. Joy Buolamwini, founder of the Algorithmic Justice League


Buyer Aware is an inspirational story of a remarkable American woman who has never forgotten where she has come from and has a clear idea where she’s going – to a better America where consumer rights have power. This book educates and empowers. Enjoy it, learn from it, and take action.”— Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley


“Marta Tellado makes a compelling case that economic freedom is a civil right and we have to fight for it. It’s an important call for accountability in a time of rising corporate impunity.”— Julia Angwin, Pulitzer Prize winner and co-founder The Markup


“A compelling and important book that gives the consumer straightforward, profound truths about today’s market dangers as well as empowering advice.”— Cathy O’Neil, data scientist and author of Weapons of Math Destruction


“In her wide-ranging book, Marta Tellado empowers consumers by detailing how unregulated corporatism produces systemic racism. By further explaining what is technological discrimination against the minority, low-income consumers struggling for economic justice, Tellado deftly connects consumer rights with civil rights.”— Ralph Nader, consumer activist, founder of Public Citizen, author of Unsafe at Any Speed


“With great clarity, passion and a personal touch, Marta Tellado convincingly argues that “consumer” issues are not just about dollars and cents – they implicate civil rights, freedom and democracy itself. She offers a blueprint for an innovative, nimble and empowered consumer rights movement for the digital age. Buyer Aware is a must-read for any advocate seeking to make systemic and cultural change.”— Gigi Sohn, co-founder of Public Knowledge


“Marta Tellado is both one of the most respected consumer voices in the country and a leader in the Latino community, and her new book, Buyer Aware, is both informative and incredibly timely. It’s a much-needed guide to help consumers, including Latino and Latina consumers, take back control of their personal data, overcome today’s predatory practices, and ensure a better economic future.”— Janet Murguía, President and CEO, UnidosUS

Contact Information

Name: Barrie Rosen
Email: barrie.rosen@consumer.org
Job Title: Director, Communications

How Novus Integrated Cannabis In Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

Benefiting From Legislation, Technology, High Taxation Which Drives Consumer Demand


MIAMI, FL – Lexis – September 20, 2022, – Novus Acquisition and Development, Corp. (OTC Markets: (NDEV), through its wholly-owned subsidiary WCIG Insurance Services, Inc. Operates as a hybrid health insurance carrier and, the nation’s first health carrier offering cannabis that is included in health plans for recreational and medicinal users. Today demonstrates how the regulatory landscape changes, high taxes, and technology will supply cannabis health benefits for the American Workforce.



An estimated 12% of Americans consume cannabis and investors need to be well informed about the regulatory and technological changes that are poignant to their investment.  These changes are favoring Novus’ first-mover advantage and how it strengthens new relationships with mid-tier and major Health Carriers including Big Pharma.

For six years Novus’ first-mover advantage has built a network of cannabis verticals that perform as our Provider Network.  Our foundation in health insurance has allowed us to adjust and adopt changes in the cannabis marketplace. For instance, alliances with health carriers and brokerage wholesalers that white label our plans in Group Sales and our social conscience in helping with Opioid Epidemic and Veterans’ medicinal necessities.


Significant Legislation Changes


  • Compassionate Care Act: Where employees are protected from termination for using medical cannabis, this has led the way for Employer-Sponsored Health Plans that include cannabis.



  • Opioid Settlement Framework: Adjudicated settlement with Major Carriers and Big Pharma in $45 billion compensatory damages, rehabilitation, and opioid diversion programs. Novus Cannabis MedPlans can put them compliant with State Attorney Generals.


  • The Veterans Cannabis Use for Safe Healing Act: Prohibits the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) from denying VA benefits due to participation in a state-approved cannabis program(s). Allows the VA to prescribe medical cannabis to veterans and create a safe harbor for financial institutions and other businesses.


  • Push Against Vertical Integration: State governments are looking towards proposing licensing restrictions so businesses can’t vertically integrate to produce, transport, and sell their own products. This will open up more opportunities to expand our Provider Network.


  • Emergence of Third-Party Online Ordering: As smaller operations look toward online retail with online platforms it offers an advantage to be more reactive to industry trends and maintain an inventory that consists of popular and varietal product segments for our policyholders.


  • Barrier of Entry In the Weed Market: From government regulations to technological advancements, small and slow, and now antiquated licensing fundamentals many businesses find themselves facing more competition and growing expenses.


  • Inflation: Now comes inflation that causes even more of an impediment to consumers who become policyholders that see our benefits packages to cut household budgets.




  • Rising Recreational Cannabis Taxation: Especially in California, taxation is as high as 37% prompting recreational users in getting their state cannabis cards and joining our health plan to get the medicinal tax rate which is 50% less. Beginning January 1, 2023, cannabis retailers will be responsible for collecting and paying the cannabis excise tax (15% of gross sales) to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA). We are confident this will help grow our Provider Network of dispensaries and policyholders.


  • Future Tax on Potency-based. Similar to alcohol taxes, except instead of taxing drinks with a higher percentage of alcohol at higher rates (i.e., liquor is taxed at a higher rate than beer), the tax is based on the THC level of the marijuana product.


InsurTech Technology


  • Ecosystem of InsurTech Platforms: These platforms are a disruptive and innovative technology that sells direct to close to 110 million American workers who have Employer-Sponsored Health Plans. These platforms sell D2C health policies on an ala carte basis as opposed to one-size-fits-all health plans. In addition, gives autonomy to the policyholder.
  • Embedded Insurance: As funding for these technologies dries up, many are looking towards Novus’ Embedded Insurance as a revenue share with speed to market with our white label solution. This increases our EBITDA by close to 20% by reducing the outlay of agent commissions.



Legislation and Taxation will most definitely drive up the price of cannabis and the consumer will have to absorb these increases. Novus’s business model is aiding in making cannabis more affordable through Employer-Sponsored Health Plans which the American Workforce is demanding to have cannabis as part of their benefits.

There are four characteristics in the aforementioned that has given success to the scope of our business model dramatically, in the areas of:


  • Regulatory changes allow cannabis to be a part of mainstream health insurance. Where there wasn’t acceptance by health carriers a year ago, we see total acceptance now.
  • Our receivable-based business model creates limited overhead, and once the policyholder is procured, they continuously contribute directly to the company’s Net Asset Value.
  • Novus does not excessively issue stock, and always uses our mandatory leak-out provision to third-party vendors so there is no considerable quantity of shares coming into the market from shareholders who did not pay for their stock.
  • Health insurance carriers rely on two key indicators to measure value and performance. This is called the Benefit Monetization Ratio. Defined as a total number of policies, monetized annually as an Asset, then, is offset by the operating cost ratio then computed to the Balance Sheet as Net Asset Value. See how insurance companies are valued: Click Here




About Novus

Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. (NDEV), through its subsidiary WCIG Insurance, Services, Inc. provides health insurance and related insurance solutions within the wellness and medical marijuana industries in states where legal programs exist. Novus has developed its infrastructure within many lines of the insurance business such as health, life, and fixed annuities. As a carrier Novus relies on two key indicators to measure value and performance. The Benefit Monetization Ratio is defined as a total number of policies, monetized annually, which is offset by the operating cost ratio which is a Balance Sheet line item computed as Net Asset Value.

Novus’ medical cannabis benefits package will work as outside developers and will not cultivate, handle, transport grow, extract, dispense, put up for sale, put on the market, vend, deliver, supply, circulate, or trade cannabis or any substances that violate the United States law or the Controlled Substances Act, nor does it intend to do so in the future and will continue to follow state and federal laws. The statements made about specific products have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. All information provided on these press releases, or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. All cannabis transaction is solely between the state-licensed dispensary and the registered patient.

The state laws conflict with the federal Controlled Substances Act. The current administration has effectively stated that it is not an efficient use of resources to direct federal law enforcement agencies to prosecute those lawfully abiding by state-designated laws, allowing the use and distribution of medical marijuana. Changes in consolidation may affect the provider network. However, there is no guarantee that the current administration, nor any future administration, will not change this policy and decide to enforce the federal laws strongly. Any such change in the federal government’s enforcement of current federal laws could cause significant financial changes. While we do not intend to harvest, distribute, or sell cannabis or cannabis-related products, we may be harmed by a change in enforcement by federal or state governments.

Forward-Looking Statements

This release includes forward-looking statements, which are based on certain assumptions and reflect management’s current expectations. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from current expectations. Some of these factors include: general global economic conditions; general industry and market conditions and growth rates; uncertainty as to whether our strategies and business plans will yield the expected benefits; increasing competition; availability and cost of capital; the ability to identify and develop and achieve commercial success; the level of expenditures necessary to maintain and improve the quality of services; changes in the economy; changes in laws and regulations, includes codes and standards, intellectual property rights, and tax matters; or other matters not anticipated; our ability to secure and maintain strategic relationships and distribution agreements. Novus disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise. Additionally, this press release that is not statements of historical fact may be considered to be forward-looking statements. Written words, such as “may,” “will,” “expect,” “believe,” “anticipate,” “estimate,” “intends,” “goal,” “objective,” “seek,” “attempt,” or variations of these or similar words, identify forward-looking statements. By their nature, forward-looking statements and forecasts involve risks and uncertainties because they relate to events and depend on circumstances that will occur in the near future.

Investor Contact Information:


Email: info@getnovusnow.com

Contact Information

Name: Frank Labrozzi
Email: frank@ndev.biz
Job Title: CEO

Michelin Launches The Defender® 2 Tire, Which Delivers Two Years of Extra Treadlife Compared to Three Leading Competitive Tires

The MICHELIN® Defender® 2 tire outlasted three leading competitive tires by more than 25,000 miles on a treadwear test, delivering two extra years of treadlife.[1]

When tested for wet[2]and dry[3] on-vehicle braking, the MICHELIN® Defender® 2 tire demonstrated stopping distances better than or comparable to three leading competitive tires.

Delivering ride satisfaction mile after mile, the MICHELIN® Defender® 2 tire is designed for smooth, even wear, helping the last mile be as comfortably quiet as the first mile.

A rolling launch with 47 sizes, the product covers over 60% of the market.


GREENVILLE, S.C., Sept. 14, 2022Michelin, the most awarded tire brand from JD Power[4] and the 2021 winner of CarTalk’s “Best Tire Brand,[5]” is launching the Defender® 2 tire for Crossover Utility Vehicles (CUVs) and passenger vehicles, featuring an 80,000-mile warranty with an expansion into 19” and 20” rim sizes. The Defender 2 tire is designed to handle the extra weight and torque of small SUVs, minivans and electric vehicles.

“As the market evolves toward electrification and small SUVs, we continue to strengthen our leadership in longevity and performance,” said Pierluigi Cumo, senior director of Michelin brand and retail marketing. “Throughout our testing, the Defender 2 easily beat several leading competitors in tread life.1 With significant market coverage in sizing, the Defender 2 will be a welcome addition for dealers and consumers.”

When tested for wet2 and dry3 on-vehicle braking, the Defender 2 tire demonstrated stopping distances better than or comparable to three leading competitive tires. Consumers can find confidence in wet and dry conditions through MICHELIN® Full-Depth 3-D SipeLock Technology. This innovation allows the tire to find extra grip in slippery conditions.

By implementing PIANO acoustic tuning, which reduces vibrations caused by the road resulting in a significant reduction of interior noise, the Defender 2 tire is designed for smooth, even wear, so the last mile is as comfortably quiet as the first mile.

The rolling launch will last through 2023 with additional SUV sizes. The Defender 2 continues its performance strength with every size holding an H-rating and adds 10 XL sizes to the product offer.


About Michelin North America, Inc.

Michelin, the leading mobility company, is working with tires, around tires and beyond tires to enable Motion for Life. Dedicated to enhancing its clients’ mobility and sustainability, Michelin designs and distributes the most suitable tires, services and solutions for its customers’ needs. Michelin provides digital services, maps and guides to help enrich trips and travels and make them unique experiences. Bringing its expertise to new markets, the company is investing in high-technology materials, 3D printing and hydrogen, to serve a wide a variety of industries — from aerospace to biotech. Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, Michelin North America has approximately 22,500 employees and operates 34 production facilities in the United States and Canada. (michelinman.com)


For more information contact:

Christian Fisher

Email: christian.fisher@michelin.comwww.michelinmedia.com


[1] Based on U.S. Department of Transportation Average Annual Miles per driver (13,500 miles) and Desrosiers Automotive Consultants estimate of annual average kilometers driven in Canada (23,000 km), and on a treadwear test using tires in size 225/65R17 on 2021 Toyota RAV4s where the MICHELIN® Defender®2 showed an estimated life (based on calculating the most-worn groove of a rotated set) of 94,400 miles versus the Bridgestone® Alenza® AS Ultra at 47,700 miles and the Continental® TrueContact Tour at 59,400 miles and the Goodyear® Assurance® MaxLife at 51,900 miles. Actual on-road results may vary.

[2] Based on internal wet braking tests from 50 MPH using tires in size 225/65R17 on a 2021 Toyota RAV4, where the MICHELIN® Defender®2 tire had an average stopping distance of 130 ft. against the Bridgestone® Alenza® AS Ultra with an average stopping distance of 127.8 ft, the Continental® TrueContact Tour with an average stopping distance of 145.2 ft and the Goodyear® Assurance® MaxLife with an average stopping distance of 134 ft. Actual on-road results may vary.

[3] Based on internal dry braking tests from 60 MPH using tires in size 225/65R17 on a 2021 Toyota RAV4, where the MICHELIN® Defender®2 tire had an average stopping distance of 120.9 ft. against the Bridgestone® Alenza® AS Ultra with an average stopping distance of 125.8 ft, the Continental® TrueContact Tour with an average stopping distance of 129.2 ft and the Goodyear® Assurance® MaxLife with an average stopping distance of 125 ft. Actual on-road results may vary.

[4] Michelin received the highest number of awards over the last thirty-three years among all other brands in the J.D. Power U.S. Original Equipment Tire and Replacement Tire Customer Satisfaction Studies. Visit jdpower.com for award information.

[5] Michelin was voted “Best Tire Brand” 2021, based on data including Government reporting, consumer reviews, independent third-party evaluations, price, and nationwide surveys of more than 800 mechanics. More details on CarTalk.com/Tires

Contact Information

Name: Christian Fisher
Email: christian.fisher@michelin.com
Job Title: Consumer Public Relations Manager – Michelin North America

MICHELIN Guide Reveals Inaugural Toronto Selection

  • 13 restaurants receive MICHELIN Stars, including Sushi Masaki Saito with two MICHELIN Stars
  • Selection also highlights 17 Bib Gourmands, plus three special awards
  • 74 total restaurants, 27 cuisine types in the selection


TORONTO, Sept. 13, 2022 — The first edition of the MICHELIN® Guide Toronto has been revealed today, with inspectors honoring 12 one-MICHELIN-Star restaurants and one two-MICHELIN-Star restaurant. Toronto becomes the first Canadian city to be featured in the MICHELIN Guide.

“Toronto shows it’s deserving of being the first MICHELIN Guide selection ever in the Great White North,” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. “The diversity of the selection reflects the cosmopolitan soul of this exciting city. With 27 cuisine types, from Japanese Kaiseki to Italian, Mexican or contemporary cuisine, there’s something to please every foodie here. Toronto already was a multicultural place where people meet to enjoy architecture, arts and nature, and now it becomes a world-class destination for gourmets too.”

Sushi Masaki Saito, led by Chef Masaki Saito, received two MICHELIN Stars. Here’s what the inspectors had to say about it:


Sushi Masaki Saito (Japanese/Sushi cuisine)
Only here will you find shirako boldly skewered and grilled over binchotan, and only here will you eat melting slabs of chutoro buried under a blizzard of white truffles. Fish comes exclusively from Japan, and for the nigiri, assistants are quick to bring him his prized rice from Niigata prefecture, warm and tinged with his special blend of vinegars, after every round. Laughter fills the air, thanks to Chef Masaki Saito and his jovial team, and for a few blissful hours, the world outside melts away.

Here are the one-MICHELIN-Star restaurants, with inspector notes from each (inspector comments in full on the MICHELIN Guide website and mobile app):


Aburi Hana (Japanese/Kaiseki cuisine)
Chef Ryusuke Nakagawa presents a modern take on the history-steeped Kyō-Kaiseki menu. His cooking is deeply personal and intricate but never overwrought. Each course outdoes the last. The maguro flower, a rose made from pieces of akami and chutoro, is stunning, and kurobuta kakuni, simmered pork belly over foie gras, is dazzling.

Alo  (Contemporary cuisine)   
Everyone has a good time at Chef Patrick Kriss’s beloved Alo. The talented beverage team offers spot-on suggestions from the well-chosen wine list. The kitchen team seamlessly merges European and Asian sensibilities onto a single tasting menu with dishes like creamy Koshihikari risotto boosted with porcini emulsion or rack of lamb with Thai green curry.


Alobar Yorkville  (French cuisine)
Seafood figures prominently, and, as one might expect from Chef Patrick Kriss and Chef de Cuisine Rebekah Bruce, product is first-rate and technique exemplary. From chilled lobster with lime aioli to rack of lamb with niçoise olive, the kitchen delivers a kind of refined approachability that suits all occasions. Desserts like mille-feuille with raspberry chantilly are show-stoppers.


Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto (Italian cuisine)
Chef Daniele Corona’s dishes echo the contemporary sophistication of the dining room. Eel gelato plated with a tangle of wild rose-scented tagliatelle, pulverized egg yolk and sturgeon caviar delivers a wonderful mix of flavors; tender and vibrant agnolotti are stuffed with Ontario lamb for a rich and meaty filling and doused in a decadent cheese sauce that packs a punch.


Edulis (Contemporary cuisine)

The pride and passion of the husband-and-wife owners and their staff is undeniably evident throughout this spot. Settle in for a set, multicourse menu inspired by the Mediterranean. The kitchen eschews fluff, focusing instead on creating harmonious (and delicious) dishes. Freshly carved Spanish ham, cheese and dessert are available as add-ons. The menu proudly hews to the season.


Enigma Yorkville (Contemporary cuisine)

Chef Quinton Bennett’s resume is as varied and glittering as the tile mosaics that stretch across the ceiling of this Yorkville looker. Using molecular techniques, he puts his worldly view on the plate, playing on diverse textures and surprising combinations like brassicas with smoked foie gras and dehydrated parmesan or tuna with sheets of beetroot and fermented daikon.


Frilu (Contemporary cuisine)

There is a saying that we should dance like nobody’s watching. This adage feels true of Chef John-Vincent Troiano, who cooks to his own rhythm in Thornhill. Smoke, game and refined sauce-work figure prominently on what might be the only tasting menu for several kilometers. A tiny space packed with talent, the sparsely decorated nook leaves everything on the plate, with high-quality product from their own farm coupled with an intriguing Japanese element that feels natural.


Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto (Japanese/Kaiseki cuisine)

Chef Masaki Hashimoto’s traditional kaiseki eight-course menu showcases the seasons while celebrating Japanese ingredients. It’s all about focus over flash with a refined intricate style and attention to detail that borders on reverence. Shii-zakana is a signature dish composed of fried soba noodle-wrapped shrimp, but it’s the stunning radish crane that you’ll remember.


Osteria Giulia (Italian cuisine)

It seems nearly impossible to have a bad time at Chef Rob Rossi’s Italian stunner. Many Italian menus can look the same, Rossi narrows in on the seafood-rich traditions of Liguria. A deep Italian wine list and an especially talented cocktail program round out an experience that is as accomplished as it is hospitable.


Quetzal (Mexican cuisine)      

Almost everything on this tight menu passes through the kitchen’s 26-foot-long wood-burning grill that actively roars and smokes. At the end of the line is a single chef at the earthenware comal, who prepares tortillas from heirloom corn that is nixtmalized and ground in-house. Lamb barbacoa packed into griddled, blue masa tortillas and charred maitake mushrooms set in a crema poblana highlight the transformative magic of fire, while dry-aged amberjack aguachile flexes the kitchen’s delicate side.


Shoushin (Japanese/Sushi cuisine)  

Jackie Lin leads the young team with care. The seasonal sushi omakase is especially delightful. Grilled cutlassfish, rarely seen on many menus, is served hot and flaky. Striped jackfish with a kiss of green onion is flavorful; golden eye snapper is nicely aged. From lean bluefin tuna with mountain yam and tart kohada to excellent baby seabream with lime, it’s hit after hit.


Yukashi (Japanese/Kaiseki cuisine)           

Chef Daisuke Izutsu has cooked for royals, dignitaries, and you, if you’re one of the lucky 15 who has secured a seat at the intimate Yukashi. Firmly rooted in seasonality, this kaiseki-style menu is highly original and personal. The otsukuri, with slices of shima aji with yuzu zest, toro with pickled turnip and hay-smoked hamachi delicately arranged atop a white marble base, is a work of art.


Bib Gourmands

The MICHELIN Guide inspectors found 17 restaurants worthy of the Bib Gourmand designation, which recognizes great food at a great value. These are restaurants where one can have two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for less than $60 CAD.


Special Awards

In addition to the highly anticipated Bib Gourmand and Star distinctions, the Guide announced three special awards. The Michelin Service Award, presented by Air Canada, went to the team at Edulis, led by husband-and-wife chefs Michael Caballo and Tobey Nemeth. Sommelier of the Year was awarded to Christopher Sealy and his team at Alo. And the Exceptional Cocktails Award was earned by the team at Osteria Giulia.



The MICHELIN Guide Star Revelation event is presented with the support of Capital One.

The full MICHELIN Guide Toronto selection is available free of charge on the MICHELIN Guide website and app. The restaurants join the MICHELIN Guide selection of hotels, which features the most unique and exciting places to stay in Toronto and throughout the world.

Every hotel in the Guide is chosen for its extraordinary style, service, and personality — with options for all budgets — and each hotel can be booked directly through the MICHELIN Guide website and app. The selection for Toronto currently features the city’s most spectacular hotels, including sustainability pioneers like 1 Hotel Toronto, standouts from the “Plus” collection like the Soho Hotel, and design-forward boutiques like The Drake.

The MICHELIN Guide is a benchmark in gastronomy. Now it’s setting a new standard for hotels. Visit the MICHELIN Guide website, or download the free app for iOS and Android, to discover every restaurant in the selection and book an unforgettable hotel.


The MICHELIN Guide Toronto Selection


2022 Starred Establishments



About Michelin North America, Inc.

Michelin, the leading mobility company, is working with tires, around tires and beyond tires to enable Motion for Life. Dedicated to enhancing its clients’ mobility and sustainability, Michelin designs and distributes the most suitable tires, services and solutions for its customers’ needs. Michelin provides digital services, maps and guides to help enrich trips and travels and make them unique experiences. Bringing its expertise to new markets, the company is investing in high-technology materials, 3D printing and hydrogen, to serve a wide variety of industries — from aerospace to biotech. Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, Michelin North America has approximately 22,500 employees and operates 34 production facilities in the United States and Canada. (michelinman.com)


About Capital One
At Capital One we’re on a mission for our customers – bringing them best-in-class products, rewards, service, and experiences. Capital One is a diversified bank that offers products and services to individuals, small businesses and commercial clients. We use technology, innovation, and interaction to provide consumers with products and services to meet their needs. Through Capital One Dining and Capital One Entertainment, we provide our rewards cardholders with access to unforgettable experiences in the areas they’re passionate about, including dining, music and sports. Learn more at capitalone.com/dining and capitalone.com/entertainment.


For more information, contact:

Andrew Festa
Michelin North America

Devon Gunn
Capital One
Phone: 571-308-4762

From Great Resignation to Great Re-Evaluation: New Research Shows Global CHROs Continue to Grapple with Talent Retention

Executive Networks releases “Global CHRO of the Future” research at HR Tech

New York, NY (Sept. 13, 2022) – What’s priority number one for Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs)? According to Executive Networks’ “Global CHRO of the Future,” a research report sponsored by XpertHR, it’s keeping employees satisfied through the “Great Re-Evaluation.” The research explores the challenges CHROs are grappling with in the workplace—including how, where and why we work—and the technology and structural solutions they are implementing in response.

“The Global CHRO of the Future research provides valuable context into the increasing complexity, mounting tensions, and very real challenges of CHROs in today’s tumultuous business climate,” says Laci Loew, Senior Global Analyst, HR Strategy and Insights, XpertHR. “We’re proud to sponsor this seminal research which defines actionable insights for senior HR leaders seeking to build and sustain a purposeful workplace and a successful workforce.”

According to the research, three-quarters of CHROs indicated that talent retention and attraction are their key priorities and HR leaders are struggling to stem the tide of resignations. Other strategic areas of concern and opportunity for senior HR leaders include environmental/social/governance (ESG), future of work issues, internal talent mobility, work-life balance, diversity/equity/inclusion (DE&I), employee well-being, and leadership development.“The past two years have changed the way we work in profound ways, and HR leaders are under pressure to help their organizations re-think what will make employees want to stay,” said Jeanne Meister, Executive Vice President, Executive Networks. “In many cases, it comes down to meeting employee priorities and purpose.”

Insights from the research report will be explored during a panel discussion, “How CHROs Are Preparing for the New World of Work,” at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition on Wed. Sept. 14. Jeanne Meister, Executive Vice President at Executive Networks, will moderate. After the session, Meister will field questions and delve deeper into research results at the XpertHR booth on the HR Tech tradeshow Expo Hall (#6516), beginning at 3 p.m. PT.

About the Survey

Executive Networks completed primary research with 112 Chief Human Resource Officers from Global 1000 organizations representing 4 million employees through a 40-question survey as well as 10 one-on-one interviews with global CHROs. The research was sponsored by a consortium of companies including meQuilibrium, Task Human, University of Phoenix, and XpertHR. The report can be found here.

About Executive Networks

Executive Networks is a senior peer community for global 1000 human resources leaders, connecting HR peers to each other and providing valuable insights, allowing them to meet new challenges head on. Through exclusive access to unique events, learning programs, tools, research, solutions and support, members bring shared knowledge back into their own organizations, sparking deeper growth and innovation to achieve strategic priorities. Learn more at https://www.executivenetworks.com/.

About XpertHR®
Global leader XpertHR empowers organizations to shape HR strategy, manage employee risk and embrace diverse talent ecosystems to create equitable, high-performing and purposeful workplaces. Since 2002, the data analytics and intelligent solutions provider has earned a reputation for providing expert insights, trusted resources and practical tools to help customers achieve greater efficiency, improve compliance and increase employee engagement. XpertHR is proud to be part of the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions portfolio within RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers. To learn more visit xperthr.com.

Media Contact

Lauren Doyle
Communication Specialist