National Advertising Division Finds Dr. Squatch “No Harmful Ingredients” Claim Supported; Recommends Other Comparative Claims be Discontinued

New York, NY – December 5, 2023 – The National Advertising Division (NAD) of BBB National Programs determined that Dr. Squatch, LLC provided a reasonable basis for its “no harmful ingredients” claim for its Dr. Squatch brand of personal care products for men and that certain challenged claims, in context, do not convey a disparaging message as to competing brands.

However, NAD recommended that Dr. Squatch discontinue its use of the skull and crossbones imagery in the context of the “no harmful ingredients” and “Sh*t List” claims, certain comparative claims, as well as certain other claims that NAD found to be falsely disparaging, unsubstantiated, and/or misleading, including:

  • “For generations, traditional mass-market brands have been avoiding using natural ingredients in personal care products to make production cheaper and faster.”
  • “I’m never going back to aluminum deodorant again!”
  • “No X ALUMINUM X TRICLOSAN X PHTHALATES . . . can’t go back to that other junk”
  • “Don’t hit the showers with neon goop that looks like a sports drink.”
  • “I can even pronounce all the ingredients unlike my last deodorant.”

Dr. Squatch markets natural personal care products and distinguishes itself from other personal care competitors through edgy and attention-grabbing content.

The claims at issue, which appeared on the Dr. Squatch website, in video advertisements, social media, and videos on YouTube, were challenged by Unilever U.S., Inc., manufacturer of Dove brand cleansers and body washes.

No Harmful/Harsh Ingredient Claims

NAD determined that the following challenged claims are monadic or appear in a monadic context and do not convey the implied message that competing products are harmful or dangerous:

  • “No harmful ingredients”
  • “We never use harmful ingredients or harsh chemicals…”
  • “Blocks out B.O. without harsh chemicals” and “doesn’t burn my armpits or leave me with a rank B.O. mid-day”

NAD further determined that Dr. Squatch’s monadic “no harmful ingredients” claim was supported and that it provided a reasonable basis for the message that Dr. Squatch deodorant does not contain harsh chemicals and would, therefore, not burn a user’s armpits.

However, NAD determined that the skull and crossbones imagery that often accompanies the “no harmful ingredients” and “Sh*t list” claims does more than merely underscore a monadic message. The imagery reasonably conveys a message related to potential harms of ingredients found in personal care products and, when displayed in the context of the “Sh*t List,” further conveys a message that the ingredients listed, which include non-chemical and non-harmful ingredients, are harmful. As there was no support in the record that the ingredients Dr. Squatch excludes from its products result in the type of harm associated with skull and crossbones, NAD recommended that such imagery be discontinued.

NAD concluded that a comparative superiority message was not communicated by:

  • Squatch’s reference to the “Sh*t List,” and
  • The claim “Meet our Sh*t List, a roster of ingredients that we vow to never use in any of our products. We refuse to cut corners and we avoid both common and lesser-known chemicals, synthetics, and preservatives that can have a range of adverse effects on your skin and body.”

“The Personal Care Industry Needs Cleaning” Message

NAD found that Dr. Squatch’s claim that “the personal care industry needs cleaning” will likely be understood as a high-level reference to Dr. Squatch’s commitment to products with natural ingredients. Therefore, NAD found that the claim does not reasonably convey the message that competing products are harmful.

“For Generations, Traditional Mass Market Brands Have Been Avoiding Using Natural Ingredients in Personal Care Products to Make Production Cheaper and Faster” Claim

NAD determined that Dr. Squatch did not provide a reasonable basis for the claim “For generations, traditional mass market brands have been avoiding using natural ingredients in personal care products to make production cheaper and faster” and recommended that it be discontinued.

Free-From Claims

NAD concluded that Dr. Squatch’s claims “I’m never going back to aluminum deodorant again!” and “No X ALUMINUM X TRICLOSAN X PHTHALATES . . . can’t go back to that other junk,” as they appear in a comparative context in the challenged advertising convey the misleading message that other deodorant products are unsafe or pose potential risks or dangers.

As there was no evidence in the record that conventional deodorants (made by Unilever or other major brands) contain triclosan or phthalates, or that brands that contain these ingredients or aluminum are dangerous or unsafe, NAD recommended that Dr. Squatch discontinue these claims.

NAD noted that nothing in its decision prevents Dr. Squatch from highlighting the ingredients its products do not contain in a purely monadic context.

Regarding the modified claim “Let’s talk aluminum . . . sure it’s great for wrapping up leftovers but we avoid it for skin and body,” NAD concluded that in a purely monadic context, the claim does not convey a disparaging message as to competing brands.

“Don’t Hit The Showers With Neon Goop That Looks Like A Sports Drink” Message

NAD determined that the claim “don’t hit the showers with neon goop that looks like a sports drink,” in context is falsely disparaging because it conveys an implied superiority message that mainstream personal care products (some of which may be brightly-colored) have a goop-like or unappealing consistency, do not smell good, and are ultimately worthless. NAD recommended that Dr. Squatch discontinue the challenged claim.

NAD noted that nothing in its decision precludes Dr. Squatch from highlighting the benefits of its products, provided, however, the advertising does not otherwise convey the message that competing products are worthless.

“I Can Even Pronounce All The Ingredients Unlike My Last Deodorant” Claim

As Dr. Squatch did not provide any support for the challenged claim “I can even pronounce all the ingredients unlike my last deodorant” NAD determined that the advertiser did not provide a reasonable basis for the claim and recommended that it be discontinued.

Finally, during the proceeding, Dr. Squatch agreed to permanently discontinue several challenged claims. Therefore, NAD did not review these claims on their merits and will treat them for compliance purposes as though NAD recommended they be discontinued and Dr. Squatch agreed to comply.

In its advertiser statement, Dr. Squatch stated that it “appreciates NAD’s careful review of its advertisements and will comply with NAD’s recommendations in its future advertising” although it disagrees with several of NAD’s findings.

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BEEAH, Chinook Hydrogen, and Air Water Gas Solutions Inaugurate the World’s First Super Green Hydrogen from Waste Demonstration plant at COP28

Building on several breakthroughs achieved in its a waste-to-hydrogen demonstration plant, BEEAH, the Middle East’s sustainability pioneer, Chinook Hydrogen, a UK-based innovator of waste-to-fuel technologies, and Air Water Gas Solutions, a US-based Industrial gas company and a subsidiary of Air Water Inc., a leading Japanese conglomerate with advanced industrial gases technologies, have entered a joint development agreement (JDA) to develop the world’s first commercial-scale waste-to-hydrogen plant in Sharjah, UAE. In the presence of His Excellency Eng. Sharif Al Olama, Undersecretary for Energy and Petroleum Affairs at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI), the JDA was signed at the UAE Pavilion, COP28, by Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH Group, Dr. Rifat Chalabi, CEO and Co-Founder of Chinook Hydrogen, and Ishmael Chalabi, President and CEO of Air Water Gas Solutions.

The JDA will build on the success of the hydrogen-from-waste demonstration plant, which has achieved major breakthroughs by demonstrating an attractive, carbon-negative solution to produce green hydrogen from waste. The demonstration plant transforms various organic-based waste, including Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), non-recyclable plastics and wood waste, into super green hydrogen that is connected to a Toyota fuel-cell unit that generates power from the hydrogen produced, similar to the fuel cell installed in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles such as the Toyota Mirai.

“We believe achieving zero-waste to landfill goes hand-in-hand with achieving net-zero emissions. With the launch of this waste-to-hydrogen demonstration plant, we have achieved a solution that we can address the challenge of waste and carbon emissions. It can also be scaled and replicated in countries around the world, and together, we will now begin with a commercial-scale plant in Sharjah,” said Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH. “I would like to congratulate Chinook Hydrogen and Air Water Gas Solutions for working with us to realise this milestone, which not only supports our objective of creating a large commercial waste-to-hydrogen plant in UAE, but also demonstrates an economically and environmentally attractive hydrogen production solution that can be easily adopted worldwide.”

The demonstration plant benefits from Chinook Hydrogen’s RODECS ® pyrolysis technology, developed and optimised over 23 years with 18 gasification units installed world-wide. The technology is heavily patented, using “Active-Hydropyrolysis” to process a wide range of post-consumer organic-based wastes in batches, including MSW, non-recyclable plastics, sewage sludge, biomass and waste wood feedstocks to produce a syngas. Chinook Hydrogen’s RODECS system is the only one in the world to process waste with low energy content to yield syngas with hydrogen concentrations of around 50%vol. In this system, the hydrogen rich syngas is further processed by advanced hydrogen refinement technology developed by Air Water to produce high purity fuel-cell grade hydrogen for use in transportation, fine chemical and industrial applications. The plant can also capture and store carbon dioxide from the syngas, making the process carbon negative.

“It is with immense pride and gratitude that I reflect on a journey marked by unwavering dedication and unparalleled innovation. This breakthrough hydrogen technology that we have developed is testament to the hard work and ingenuity of the Chinook team over the last 23 years and the decades-long collaboration with our partners BEEAH and Air Water Gas Solutions. That is 23 years of innovation wrapped by persistence and dedication,” said Dr. Rifat Chalabi, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Chinook Hydrogen. “In the realm of green hydrogen technology, we have not only merely advanced or pushed boundaries, we have pioneered the world’s first plant that produces Super-Green-Hydrogen that can fuel hydrogen fuel cells either for power generation or emissions-free mobility.”

The RODECS pyrolysis and gasification system in the demonstration facility is capable of producing up to 1.5 tonnes per day of hydrogen. The combined Active-Hydropyrolysis process controlled by the Hydrogen-Intelligence system ensures the production of the “Super-Green-Hydrogen™”, which offers one of the world’s lowest levelised cost of hydrogen (LCoH) today.  Chinook Hydrogen, Air Water Gas Solutions, and BEEAH plan to implement a similar process and system, establishing the world’s first commercial-scale, hydrogen-from-waste facility in Sharjah, UAE, with an initial capacity of seven tonnes per day. The goal is to progressively augment the Sharjah plant capacity to reach 20 tonnes per day and extend the concept and innovation behind this plant throughout the Middle East.

Aligning with the UAE’s Net-Zero by 2050 Pathway, BEEAH has made significant strides in increasing landfill waste diversion rates and contributing to net-zero emissions. Its integrated waste management complex comprises 12 facilities, which process nearly all types of households, commercial and industrial waste, to produce recyclables, alternative fuels and alternative raw materials, enabling steadily increasing landfill waste diversion rates and contributions to the circular economy.

In May of 2022, BEEAH inaugurated the Sharjah Waste-to-Energy plant, the first project of BEEAH’s joint venture with global renewable energy leader Masdar, which further drove landfill waste diversion to a new regional record of 90% and displaces 450,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

In addition to the decarbonisation of the transport industry and lowering emissions in the waste management sector, the planned waste-to-hydrogen plant in Sharjah is also strategically aligned with the UAE National Hydrogen Strategy 2050, which sets a goal of producing of 1.4 million tonnes of hydrogen per annum by 2031 and aims to establish the nation as one of the world’s major hydrogen hubs.

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Name: Mohamed Allawi
Job Title: Public Relations Specialist

iCrowdNewswire Announces Next-Generation Products in AI Press Release Distribution at Hong Kong Press Release Industry and Partner Summit

Miami, Florida – December 4, 2023. iCrowdNewswire, press release industry leading innovators, announced their next-generation plans for state-of-the-art AI powered press release distribution at the November 23rd Hong Kong Summit. The Summit host shared next level planned implementations around visibility and engagement to move press release capabilities from guaranteed distribution to guaranteed engagement, highlighting their industry exclusive demand generation features.

Hector Botero, CEO and Founder of iCrowdNewswire, enthusiastically stated, “The press release distribution market is ripe for breakthrough innovations, marking the latest frontier in leveraging the unparalleled power of AI. With our next-generation plans unveiled at the Hong Kong Summit, we are committed to transforming the industry by moving beyond guaranteed distribution to guaranteed engagement.”

Mr. Botero emphasized the significance of embracing new AI technologies, acknowledging the industry’s evolving landscape. He added, “We believe in challenging the status quo and maximizing visibility and engagement for our industry. The future of press release distribution is intelligent, data-driven, and highly targeted.”

According to iCrowdNewswire COO Sonia LaFountain, “Our state-of-the-art implementations uniquely merge corporate communications and digital marketing. The result of our methodology is unrivaled; precision demand generation tooling with guaranteed ROI enhanced reporting, accurate and actionable visibility and engagement for PR and Marketing professionals with guaranteed outcomes that meet their specific goals. We’re talking real data directly from engagement platforms that learn and adapt placement based on audience behavior.”

iCrowdNewswire shared the spotlight of the inaugural event with co-host Media Outreach (Asia) and an impressive lineup of press release distribution leaders including Medianet (Asia-Pacific), PA Media (UK) and Nexis Newswire (Global). Partners provided important insights on distribution features that resonate for customers in their regions as well as challenges to address the need for a modern experience. Amrita Sidhu, Managing Director of Medianet championed iCrowdNewswire’s efforts to adopt new AI technologies, commenting, “The six most dangerous words in business: We have always done it this way,” reminding the audience that we have an opportunity to maximize visibility and engagement for our industry.

iCrowdNewswire’s Q1 2024 launch of the new product lineup will feature tooling from Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and other high performance social platform’s leveraging AI demand generation capabilities to precision target audiences based on audience behaviors and predictive engagement. These capabilities pinpoint audiences with high propensity to view and engage with your release based on target audience specifications including demographics, geographics, industries and interests.

The full recap of the Hong Kong Press Release Industry and Partner Summit, can be viewed at the link: iCrowdNewswire – Hong Kong Press Release Industry Summit – AI Powered Press Release Distribution November 2023

About iCrowdNewswire

In 2018 iCrowdNewswire began working with Google to adapt the world’s leading advertising, translation, voice, and analytics technologies for press release distribution resulting in a process that offers press release issuers with an ultra-user-friendly interface to choose from millions of websites worldwide. Issuers can refine targeting by further choosing specific sections within websites, choose countries, states and zip or postal codes. Demographic targeting includes age groups, interests and industry, and recent research with media indicates that promoting releases prominently on media websites is by far the most efficient way to reach media. iCrowdNewswire’s technology also drives the LexisNexis press release service Nexis Newswire and ALM’s Legal Newswire powered by