Sadis & Goldberg LLP, led by Partners Jonathan Bernstein and Robert Cromwell, represented Point Pickup Technologies Inc. (“Point Pickup”), a portfolio company of BBH Capital Partners (“BBH”), in its merger with Pickup Now, Inc. (“Pickup Now”). Sadis concurrently handled a pre-closing reorganization and an offering of secured convertible promissory notes for Point Pickup. 

The Sadis deal team consisted of Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Cromwell, Paul J. Marino (Partner, Head of Corporate M&A), Seth Lebowitz (Partner, Tax), and Samantha Romano (Associate).

“We were pleased to assist Point Pickup in negotiating and navigating all transactions simultaneously and look forward to supporting Point Pickup post-merger,” said Mr. Bernstein.

“Our deal team, led by Jonathan Bernstein and Robert Cromwell, artfully handled a variety of multifaceted issues in connection with a merger transaction. They also harmonized all of the external demands one expects when dealing with complex issues and sophisticated clients like Don Hardie and Jin Kim of BBH,” said Mr. Marino; “I couldn’t be more pleased by the outcome for our client and the effort by the entire Sadis team.”

“The merger of the two companies puts our combined organization at the forefront of the future of last mile delivery and offers a comprehensive solution for customers across many verticals,” said Dauvin Peterson, President and Chief Analytics Officer at Point Pickup. Mr Peterson added, “The team at Sadis afforded both companies the ability to work towards a complex transaction closing, continue operating normally as well as planning integration strategy.”

Point Pickup is a leading enterprise-focused same-day delivery service provider for top retailers nationwide, while incorporating what had been Pickup Now’s specialty in simplifying delivery logistics, especially for bulkier retail items.

BBH Capital Partners, a private equity strategy of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., provides friendly capital solutions to growth-oriented middle-market companies. BBHCP has the flexibility to act as a control or non-control investor and to structure investments as a combination of equity and subordinated debt securities, as needed. BBHCP’s capital used to support a variety of transactions, including management or leveraged buyouts, growth financings, recapitalizations, buy-and-build strategies, and acquisitions.

Sadis & Goldberg maintains a diverse, business-oriented practice focused on corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, investment funds, litigation, real estate, regulatory, tax and ERISA. Drawing on the experience and depth of our attorneys in these distinct areas, we can leverage each attorney’s industry specific knowledge to help our clients succeed. This collaborative approach brings to the table a collective insight that contributes to sensible, efficient resolutions, and allows us to remain attentive to the cost and time sensitivities that may be involved.

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Law360 launches next-gen news with text-to-speech technology

More than 2 million daily readers can now access the latest news, trends and changes that impact the business and practice of law through advanced audio stories

NEW YORK  LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today announced the launch of Law360’s new generation of audio articles to keep legal professionals informed. Using advanced text-to-speech technology, the company’s first-to-market pursuit to turn written articles into audio stories for busy legal professionals means subscribers can now listen to written Law360 articles on the go.

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The audio enhancement also brings the award-winning company closer to its commitment to accessibility and usability.

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