Story and Technology creators from 29 countries launch in June on a global stage at New Media Film Festival

May 6, 2022 4:16 PM ET

The 13th Annual New Media Film Festival® Los Angeles CA USA nominee tallies are in-125 New Media films and content from 29 countries: Australia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Lebanon, Malta, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Syrian Arab Republic, Tahiti, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA
44 World Premiere, 6 US Premiere and 35 Los Angeles Premieres. With an astounding 85 Premieres out of 125 titles programmed, New Media Film Festival® is a must attend event.

Full details of all nominees

For 2022 the festival judges are from some of the most notable places such as PBS, BBC, HBO, MARVEL, Rolling Stone, Simon & Schuster, ABC and more! Nominees are up for $45,000.00 in awards.  Attendees get to network and engage with creators and influential people from the industry. On June 1 & 2 2022 at The Landmark, 10850 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90064. Screenings, Q&As, live music, and more can be experienced.


WriterLuciano Cavallaro

Country – Australia

Premier – World

Logline, One magical coin can change a life. Two can change the world.


Title, The Split

Writer, Nicola Green

Country, Australia

Premier, World

Logline, Based on true events, this is the story of three lives intertwined; a 1960’s London sporting hero turned gold thief, a sick child and a grieving daughter, determined to uncover her family’s secrets, finding far more than she ever could have bargained for.

New Media Film Festival® create a unique video to present scripts. There will be a Q & A for these writers as well.




Sundaram Tagore



Bangledesh, USA

Logline, Art historian and filmmaker Sundaram Tagore travels in the footsteps of Louis Kahn to discover how the famed American architect built a daringly modern and monumental parliamentary complex in war-torn Bangladesh. This very personal fourteen-country odyssey delves into Bangladesh’s quest for democracy, how Khan brilliantly wove together Eastern and Western forms, and the power of great architecture to embody the highest ideals.


Title, Paradisiac

Director, Quentin Dujardin

Country, Belgium

Premier, World

An elderly lady remembers the autumn mornings she spent on a vast river in the company of her friends, when they were children. In this immense setting, they rowed towards an island

they had named… Paradisiac.



Title  Happy Stones

Date Wednesday June 1 online

Director Zoya Dimitrova

Country Bulgaria

Premier World

When you lose a child, you fall into despair or you start to build. The challenges of building a chapel high in the mountains as a unifying image of power, will, spirit of the ordinary man, and a monument for those who will always live in our hearts.



Date Thursday, June 2 in person.

Title Save the Day

Artist Girlie Vasallo

Country Canada

Life goes on.



Codex Oros Edemos

Director Akis P. Tix

Country Cyprus

Premier World

A mysterious wind blows on Earth and vanishes people randomly on a forgotten Mount called Edemos. People who find themselves there, seek ways to escape and their survival becomes their utter priority. In this story, we are following a survivor of this Mount, seeking his way to escape.

Title – Surviving 9/11 27 Hours under the rubble.

Director Chloé Rochereuil

Team Victor Agulhon

Country France


Featuring exclusive and never-seen-before archives of the World Trade Center remastered for virtual reality, this documentary offers a unique connection with the testimony of a survivor

Writer Mark Pomerville

Country US

PremierLos Angeles


After being forced into servitude sewing lace, a spunky young seamstress and a headstrong spectacles maker must rescue their humble village from a tyrannous, fashion-obsessed Duke.



Title Harold Halibut –

Director Onat Hekimoglu

Country Germany

Premier Los Angeles

Harold Halibut is a handmade narrative game about friendship, and life on a city-sized spaceship submerged in an alien ocean.


Title Mercury XX –

Date Thursday, June 2 in person.

Title Mercury XX

Director Miriam Kuhlmann

Country Germany & USA

Premier World

A science fiction short Film which tells the story of an all female space mission to draw the first breath on another planet.


Title frozen chaos

Date Thursday June 2 in person

Artist Lukas Atzert

International Art Exhibit

Country Germany

This shot shows a frozen lake in Bavaria – Germany called “Eibsee”. It was taken at a 120m height with the camera tilted down at a 90° angle. The pattern of the frozen ice is probably the result of trapped air that was slowly released by submerged plants at the bottom of the lake.



Title Warriors of Hallan –

Date Wednesday June 1, online

Writer Evi Photopoulos

Country Greece

Premier US


This Trilogy’s first book has a fast-paced amalgam of cult secrecy, sea-faring brigandage, love, sex, and high intrigue. The heroes have great adventures with mythical beasts and warriors, culminating in cataclysmic events in the salt mines of an ancient island.


Hong Kong

Date Wednesday June 1st is online

Director Zoran Poposki

Country Hong Kong

Premier World

Team Polyptech

Artificial Intelligence creates a visual poem about a post-apocalyptic world where human civilization has been erased by environmental collapse.



The Hitchhikers –

Date Wednesday June 1st is online.

Director Yair Agmon

Country Israel

Premier US

An Israeli Roadside Odyssey illuminates the complexities of Israeli society through each hitchhiker that we meet. In these short episodes, Agmon travels all over the country and picks up a diverse mosaic of Israeli characters.


Title, Second Wind-

DateWednesday June 1st is online.

Director Guy Gazit

Country Israel

Premier US

Max and Dundi are childhood friends. Their relationship changes completely following a car accident where Max was the driver, leaving Dundi completely blind.


The Doubles –

Date Wednesday June 1st is online.

Director Tal Michael Haring

Country Israel

Premier World

 “The Doubles” takes us through the story of a nameless Jew, a survivor of World War 2, who aimlessly walks the streets of a ruined city, with no place to call home. Through an interactive timeline, we experience the many months of lost and despair, until finally salvation comes in the form of Jewish soldiers from the British Army – who are gathering refugees for a secret plan to bring them to Palestine.



Tempo Rubato Enigma –

Date Wednesday June 1 online

Director Cristiana Di Bartolomeo

Country Argentina and Italy

Premiere World

A great Argentine musician of Italian origin -from the early 20th century- mysteriously dies at an early age. Rodolfo Zanni was only 26 -credited with a prodigious career and an impressive musical production. At the time of his death, all his works, however, had vanished into thin air. His body was nowhere to be found.



Tops Of Memory Il Illusion

DateWednesday June 2nd

Event Type In Person

DirectorJialiang LIU

Country Japan

Premier Los Angeles

Hand-drawn animation using actual painting materials has a unique charm because of its a special texture or material feeling and unique sense of dynamism. Now with the help of VR video technical which broke the square frame of traditional film, it can let you experience the specially wonderful hand-drawn word through 360-degree view, give you the feeling that your body is just being in that fantastic space.


Hop Step Sing! Happy People

Director Hiroshi Chida

Country Japan

Premier Los Angeles

An interactive VR music video designed to deepen the relationship between VR idols and their fans and provide the ultimate fan interaction experience.



Title Strawberry Milk

Date Wednesday June 1st is online.

Director Ryan Taeck-gyu Kim

Country Korea

Premier US

One day Jeong-jin bought a strawberry milk at the convenience store on the way to work as usual, and he fell in love with a part-timer with innocent and beautiful smile. From that day, Jeong-jin goes to the convenience store everyday to get a strawberry milk. He had been agonizing how to confess his love and decided to propose with flowers.  Would Jeong-jin be able to deliver his message to her?

Title Across the Ocean-

Date Wednesday June 1 online

Composer Michael W. Choi

Country South Korea

Premiere World


A classical film score from South Korea.



Title My Journey: Georges Wassouf

Date Wednesday June 1 online

Director David Oryan

Country Lebanon

Premier US

Renowned Arab singer George Wassouf recounts career-defining moments and reveals secrets he has never shared before.



Title, Monumental-

Date Wednesday June 1st is online.

Director Aleksa Ristovic

Country Malta

Premier Los Angeles

A deep spiritual journey starts in pursuit of the right place to leave a mark in the world we live in.


New Zealand

Black Sea Golden Ladder The Visual Album

Date Wednesday June 1, online. Directors

Nicole Horan, Xavier Horan, Dahnu Graham, Marara Katipa, Hayden Aull, Thomas Rose, Huhana Ruri-Panapa

Country New Zealand

Premier World

An exploration of the human experience that spans from childhood to death through the lens of seven Māori directors. A film that takes inspiration from the ten tracks on Black Sea Golden Ladder.

Title, Visiting Ben Shemen-

Date Thursday, June 2 in person.

Director Miriam Harris

Country New Zealand and Israel

Premier Los Angeles

In 1946, three young Jewish teenagers met at the Ben Shemen school, in Palestine. Each had been traumatised by the Holocaust and World War II. These women, now in their late eighties – one of whom is the director’s mother – recount the ways in which Ben Shemen offered a healing and soul-nourishing refuge.



Title, Maharaja’s children. A Brave Bunch in India-

Date Thursday June 2 in person

Director Tomasz Stankiewicz

Country Poland

Premier Los Angeles

In the Easter of 1940 the boy, together with his mother and brother, was arrested by NKVD and deported to Siberia. He shared the dramatic fate of thousands of Polish deportees. His rescue arrived from the least expected direction. Maharaja of Nawanagar builds a refugee camp for polish children. At the end of war he also adopts all the minors from the camp, so they do not get under communistic jurisdiction of new polish government controlled by Stalin.



Title, The Prism-

Date Wednesday June 1st is online.

Director Eric Wong

Country Singapore

Premier Los Angeles

A Singaporean family downgrades from their luxury condominium to a small public housing apartment due to the father losing his job in the pandemic. In the midst of moving, they discover something special about their 9 year old autistic son.


Title CTRL

Date Wednesday June 1 online

Director Estovan Reizo Cheah

Country Singapore

A Chinese serial drama about a hacker who survived an accident when he was a child and how he became a very talented hacker.


South Africa

Title The Adventures of Zizwe-

Date Thursday June 2 in person.

Directors Robyn Stalson, Rox Dare, Kevin Johns

Country South Africa

Premier US

Aboriginal mischief-gods who are determined to incite chaos.



Title, Stranger at the Funeral

Date Wednesday June 1 online

Director Ana Maria Estrada


Country USA

Mayhem ensues when the family discovers who the stranger is at the funeral.

TXAC Planet

Date Wednesday June 1st is online.                       

Director Eterio Ortega

Country Spain

Premier Los Angeles

A TV series to approach the logic of computational thought and literacy in computer technology. Each episode presents a computational concept in an entertaining and intuitive format, reaching out to children and adolescents who can interact with it.


Title, Goodbye Rosaline-

Date, Wednesday June 1st is online.

Writer, Karen Lothan

Country, Syria

Premier, Los Angeles

Syria, 1920’s. Nawras is a village’s lord’s son, and his friend Nemer is a mayor’s son. Nemer, who is alwaysgetting Nawras in trouble, yearns to fight in the war, like his long lost elder brother Seif. Nawras falls in love with his maid Jamila, but his mother is against it.



Title, Honorable Lviv Lady-

Date Wednesday June 1 online

Director Natalia Pasenytska

Country Ukraine


A modern, cultured woman Penelope, who lives in Lviv and works in an archive. A meeting of heroes leads to uncontrollable passion and crazy actions.



Title, Generation Z

Date, Thursday, June 2 in person.

WritersMyroslav Latyk, Oksana Ivanyuk


Premier, World

Eight friends try to survive in Mariupol during the first 10 days of the war between Russia and Ukraine. They try to survive but not all of them will do, as Mariupol is being wiped to the ground.

Title, Little Enchantress-

Date, Thursday, June 2 in person.

Director, Oksana Ivanyuk

Country, Ukraine

Premier, World

Mariyka, 11 y.o. girl, dreams of becoming a Tik-Tok star. Her father Mykhailo works as a border patrol officer. Money is tight for him and he is unable to come to a decision – is he going to be a good officer, or a rich one.


United Kingdom

Title, Love Locked

Date, Thursday June 2 in person

Director, Breanne Krause

Country, US

Premier, Los Angeles    An escape room dating show where individuals are set up on blind dates in an escape room looking to find their true love. If couples are able to escape, there will only be one question left to ask; Do they ever want to see each other again?


Title, Morlock-

Date, Wednesday, June 1 online

Writer, Anthony Povah

Country, United Kingdom

Premier, World

When a Russian bomber, pursued by an RAF plane, crashes on British soil, civilian air crash investigator Jayne Kendal is press-ganged into conducting an investigation that she knows should be military-led. Racing against her menacing Russian counterpart to seek out the truth, she uncovers a conspiracy that threatens global security.  Inspired by real events.