New LexisNexis Tool Helps Companies Assess Environmental, Social and Governance Impact

Jun 30, 2022 9:00 AM ET

The tracking tool leverages the power of Nexis Newsdesk to allow users to explore ESG trends and conduct customizable searches

NEW YORK— June 30, 2022—LexisNexisâ has unveiled a new, free-to-use Global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) media and news tracker that helps brands to better understand their ESG story. Powered by Nexis Newsdesk, the tracker allows users to analyze how their brand or company’s ESG efforts feature in global news coverage, as well as to track overall trends in the ESG conversation—all with the click of a button.


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“For most organizations, ESG efforts have quickly gone from ‘nice-to-have’ to an area that impacts everything from consumer brand perception and investor interest to recruiting efficacy,” said Tom Biddle, General Manager, Media Intelligence at LexisNexis. “ESG should be a critical factor in every organization’s communications strategy, and this new tracker helps users to evaluate how their tactics are being received in real-time, in the real world.”


Real-time Coverage

The Nexis ESG tracker includes a simple search bar that serves up the top 15 ESG-related news stories that reference almost any company or brand. This information is sourced in real-time from the Nexis Newsdesk platform, tapping into nearly 100,000 news sources written in over 90 languages from around the globe. The tracker can also be used to conduct multiple searches, allowing users to create quick comparisons between their ESG efforts and those of competitors.


Powerful Insights, Visualized


The tracking tool also offers deep dives into meaningful ESG-related trending topics. These themes are visualized in an array of charts and graphs, providing a snapshot of subjects ranging from executive pay and environmental stories to workplace diversity, bribery and corporate giving. The tracker also analyzes which companies received the most positive recent coverage for their diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts, breaking down how major organizations like Deloitte, Amazon and Bloomberg are being covered.


What Investors Care About

Today, investors want to know that the companies they’re investing in are not only successful but sustainable. As a result, ESG has become an important factor for evaluating the health of companies—with many investment firms paying close attention to ESG ratings. Media coverage factors heavily into these scores, and the Nexis ESG tracker allows users to quickly and efficiently analyze the most-covered ESG-related topics and how specific companies factor into that coverage.

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