LexisNexis® Future of Work Report Reveals Positive Stance in Acceptance and Adoption of Generative AI Among Organizations and Professionals

Mar 13, 2024 8:00 AM ET

Report details trust in generative AI is dependent on accuracy of output and transparency, with 86% saying establishing ethical guidelines and standards is crucial

NEW YORK — March 13, 2024 — LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today released results from its inaugural LexisNexis Future of Work Report, which demonstrated a significant positive stance in trust and attitudes toward generative AI (GenAI). The survey of more than 500 professionals across diverse industries worldwide revealed that 72% of professionals anticipate a positive impact from GenAI on daily work. In contrast, 82% expect it to take over a range of repetitive administrative tasks, allowing organizations to increase productivity and accelerate growth.

The report most notably showed that despite looming concerns over job security and satisfaction, only 4% see GenAI as a threat to job security, while nearly half (45%) noted job satisfaction had improved thanks to GenAI. The positive perspective extended to the impact professionals see for overall organizational performance, with 74% expressing some degree of optimism.

“The recent and rapid rise of GenAI marks a pivotal shift in how organizations must operate and strategize. LexisNexis embarked on this survey to shed light on how GenAI technology intersects with the realities of our professional lives and can improve how we perform our work,” said Todd Larsen, President, Nexis Solutions, a division of LexisNexis. “We believe that through collaboration and a shared understanding of GenAI, organizations can adopt and embrace the massive opportunities it provides which is why this is exactly what we are focused on at LexisNexis.”

Additional insights and findings show:

  • GenAI’s Value and Industry Potential: GenAI is seen as adding value across a myriad of industries, including risk and legal, marketing and sales, corporate IT, strategy and finance and more. Industries poised to benefit most from GenAI include consultancies, legal services, financial services, and media and entertainment, among others.
  • Seismic Shift in Acceptance and Use of GenAI: Ninety-six percent of business professionals say technology is crucial to organizational success. Additionally, 92% of professionals are curious about GenAI’s creative potential, with 86% noting a willingness to embrace GenAI for both creative and professional work. GenAI is also viewed as a useful tool and operational game-changer, with 69% of respondents using GenAI to assist with daily tasks.

Trust in GenAI Dependent on Accuracy of Output and Transparency

While organizations are bullish on AI, they must address apprehensions and build guardrails to counter mistrust with GenAI. Concerns range from data privacy issues to ethical questions about algorithmic bias and decision-making transparency. Nearly nine in ten professionals rank the quality and accuracy of the output as the #1 consideration in selecting a GenAI tool, and 86% say establishing ethical guidelines and standards is crucial. When it comes to building trust, a resounding majority (97%) say that human validation of GenAI outputs is important, and 80% report that ensuring systems are transparent and explainable is necessary.

To access LexisNexis’ entire Future of Work report and more details, please visit https://professional.lexisnexis.com/en-us/future-of-work-2024. For more information on leading legal AI tools from LexisNexis, also visit www.lexisnexis.com/genai.

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