LexisNexis Expands Legal Generative AI Ecosystem for Lawyers & Law Schools

Nov 14, 2023 9:00 AM ET

Company launches Lexis Snapshot with free preview for commercial customers and introduces Lexis Create enhanced with generative AI capabilities in Microsoft Word

NEW YORK – LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today announced the expansion of its generative AI-enabled legal product ecosystem that supports conversational search, intelligent legal drafting, insightful summarization, and document analysis. According to an early user survey, the recently launched Lexis+ AI™ is already driving significant productivity benefits; and select law school faculty are next in line to experience Lexis+ AI. LexisNexis is introducing a new generative AI service called Lexis® Snapshot that alerts users to summaries of legal documents across the LexisNexis portfolio, and Lexis+ AI capabilities are now available in the Lexis® Create document drafting tool that’s integrated into Microsoft Word.

Lexis+ AI

Lexis+ AI is a generative AI solution designed to transform legal work. Its answers are grounded in the world’s largest repository of accurate and exclusive legal content from LexisNexis with industry-leading data security and attention to privacy. LexisNexis is focused on the continuous improvement of Lexis+ AI through customer feedback and the rapid development and introduction of new features and capabilities.

According to a survey among commercial preview customers, 86% agree that Lexis+ AI is easy to use. Respondents also report that Lexis+ AI is driving significant productivity gains in law firms:

  • 89% estimate they will save up to 6 hours per week on summarizing case law
  • 78% estimate they will save up to 4 hours per week on legal drafting
  • 77% estimate they will save up to 6 hours per week uploading and summarizing documents
  • 74% estimate they will save up to 7 hours per week on legal research

“Lexis+ AI is a fascinating product worth using to save time,” said Judy Andresen, Business and Legal Research Analyst, DLA Piper.

Greg Lambert, Chief Knowledge Services Officer at Jackson Walker LLP strongly agrees Lexis+ AI is both useful and trustworthy. “I have found the ability to prompt the legal research tool with a common language query to be extremely useful and the results have been very good. It gives me a great place to start.”

According to Sukhdeep Gosal, Deputy District Attorney, Sutter County District Attorney’s Office, Lexis+ AI “works great with simple, quick questions you need answered without having to go through a whole bunch of cases or laws.”

To date, Lexis+ AI has been developed with commercial preview users from leading global law firms, corporate legal departments, U.S. small law firms, and U.S. courts, and the company plans to expand its commercial preview program to legal professionals in Canada, the UK, France, and Australia in 2024.

Now, law school librarians, legal research and writing, and legal technology professors at all U.S. American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law schools will have access to Lexis+ AI. Feedback from this set of customers will be used to further refine the solution, develop cutting-edge and ethical AI education tools, and inform the product’s introduction to additional faculty.

Lexis Snapshot

LexisNexis is also injecting generative AI capabilities across its product portfolio. The new Lexis Snapshot service utilizes the power of generative AI to deliver summarized complaint filings for civil cases across the U.S. Federal District Court. Snapshot delivers key insights including the nature of the case, plaintiff and defendant information, alleged harm, and requested remedies, which saves hours of research time and accelerates both business development opportunities and response time.

The alerting service ensures business development and client impacts are identified as quickly as possible. At launch, the Lexis Snapshot service can be added to CourtLink, with a view to expand the service to additional products and document types within the LexisNexis generative AI-enabled legal product ecosystem in future releases. The Lexis Snapshot service will be free to preview for CourtLink customers through the end of 2023.*

Lexis Create

In the U.S., LexisNexis is enhancing its generative AI capabilities directly where legal professionals work and extending its long-standing relationship with Microsoft through the general availability of Lexis Create, a comprehensive, intelligent drafting solution available as an add-on for Microsoft Word. Lexis Create puts Practical Guidance and Market Standards content, Shepard’s Citations, AI-powered Clause Intelligence, and other powerful recommendation and collaboration tools directly into the legal drafting workflow, helping users get started quickly and work confidently throughout every stage of their draft. The legal drafting solution now integrates directly with Lexis+ AI, further increasing the speed and ease of legal drafting.

“We’ve seen unprecedented demand for Lexis+ AI, and early usage results reinforce how transformative LexisNexis generative AI technology is for our customers’ work,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO of LexisNexis North America, UK, and Ireland. “We’re rapidly introducing generative AI capabilities across our entire legal product portfolio to accelerate our customers’ success and to deliver significant productivity, work quality, and value gains for their firms and institutions.”

LexisNexis is responsibly developing legal AI solutions with human oversight. LexisNexis, part of RELX, follows the RELX Responsible AI Principles, considering the real-world impact of its solutions on people and taking action to prevent the creation or reinforcement of unfair bias.

For more information on generative AI capabilities at LexisNexis and to schedule a Lexis+ AI demo, visit www.lexisnexis.com/ai.

To learn more about Lexis Snapshot and Lexis Create, visit lexisnexis.com/lexis-snapshot and lexisnexis.com/lexis-create.  

*Excludes LexisNexis government customers and/or where free previews are prohibited.

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