IFSI Announces USDA Maize Collection Donation

Nov 28, 2022 11:48 AM ET

Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc. Announces Donation to USDA Maize Collection

Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc (IFSI) continues its long-standing commitment to supporting the agriculture industry and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). IFSI recently announced a multi-year series of donations to the USDA Maize Collection in Iowa.

The donations involve supplying past, IFSI-developed inbreds to the USDA’s Maize Collection housed at the Ames, Iowa facility. In 2022, IFSI will release 66 inbreds with full descriptions and molecular marker data. In 2023, the company will release an additional 44 inbreds. Approximately 48 additional inbreds will be released beginning in 2024 and beyond. The inbreds will be grown at the North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station (NCRPIS) for distribution beginning no earlier than 2024. A list of the accessions donated can be reviewed here: https://npgsweb.ars-grin.gov/gringlobal/cooperator?id=184890 (The list at this link will update as more accessions are donated to the collection.)

Inbreds are lines of identical or virtually identical entities considered genetically pure. Corn hybrids derive from inbred corn lines. The foundation of successful breeding is diversity of inbreds.

“IFSI hired Dale Cochran in 1965 as our first Corn Breeder from Iowa State University,” says Brian Coombs, current General Manager of IFSI’s Field Crops Business Unit. “With Dale now serving as the Chairman of IFSI’s board, this donation to the Ames, Iowa facility feels like it has come full circle for us.  We are proud to publicly release these inbreds to the USDA for the world’s use.”

Through its research component, the USDA works to furnish genetic, genomic, and bioinformatic tools, information, and genetic resources to enhance American agricultural productivity.  The National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) is a collaborative effort managed by the USDA Agriculture Research Service. The NPGS mission is to support agricultural production by acquiring, conserving, evaluating, documenting, and distributing crop germplasm. The bank of information provides a historical perspective of parental lines, which can be used now and in the future.

Headquartered in Tolono, IL, Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc. is a leading research, product development, licensing, and production company established in 1937. For over 80 years, in locations worldwide,  IFSI’s commitment to development and dedication to exceptional quality has remained the same. The IFSI name means you can count on industry-leading products, research, licensing, and service.

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Name: Clinton Naugle
Email: cnaugle@ifsi.com
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