DeBlair Book Launch

Apr 6, 2022 12:00 AM ET

Health and Wellness Coach and Former Celebrity Fitness Trainer DeBlair Tate Announces the Pre-Launch of New Book Resilient as F*CK: How to Fight for What You Deserve


New Book will take readers on a journey of finding potential and learning to fight for what you deserve


Atlanta, GA – After changing the lives of so many around her, Health and Wellness Coach and former celebrity Fitness Trainer DeBlair Tate is on a mission to take back the life that found her giving so much of herself and not getting the same in return. Tate strips bare and shares untold stories of her life never shared before in her new book Resilient as F*CK: How to Fight for What You Deserve to help others redefine success, recommit to themselves and reactivate their personal goals.

Growing up in a small town in rural Mississippi, outside of the city limits of a city that wouldn’t see its first forced mixed-race prom until April 2008, Tate had no concept of racism or segregation, just everyday life. It wouldn’t be until she managed to leave the normalcy of her city that she began to realize that the life she recognized as ordinary life for all people was, in actuality, very different.

Seeing the world through different lenses, first as a college student and then military training instructor in the Air Force, Tate began to reflect on her life growing up in Winona, MS, and how it could have cost her everything.

With a new appreciation and understanding of what being resilient meant for her at the time, Tate would go on to hold a variety of titles, including certified Health, Wellness, and Fitness Coach, former professional figure competitor, and successful owner of the 8Figured Brand before finally discovering her why, and her purpose in this life – something that is a question usually reserved for the clients she trained.

Growing up in a small town, especially in Mississippi – you’re often overlooked. You have to work harder and be more competent to break those barriers and claim the success you deserve. This is why my book, Resilient As F*ck, means so much to me. We all have our internal fights- whether our health or just our day-to-day battles- we still have to stay strong and remember our purpose for doing what we do. There is substance in what I believe- and my story is why I will always value life.

Diagnosed with an auto-immune disease in 2009, Tate’s appearance on the popular news platform  NowThis would catalyze reclaiming her identity, finding her why, and pouring the words of her life into her most personal title to date, author.


Resilient as F*CK: How to Fight for What You Deserve will be available for pre-order on April 6, 2022. To stay up to date with launch news and pre-order information, text ResilientAF to 770-685-6709 or follow her on Instagram. To interview DeBlair or book her as a speaker at upcoming conferences or events, please email


DeBlair Tate is a certified Fitness & Life Coach, Master Resilience Trainer, former Professional Figure Competitor, Military Training Instructor, and the owner of the 8Figured Brand. With a primary focus on health, wellness, and making people confident, DeBlair’s goal is to help those she encounters to redefine success, recommit to themselves, and reactivate self-discipline to achieve their personal goals. Her passion centers on helping others to break through barriers and fully realize their ability to live happy, healthy, and prosperous lives.

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